15 July 2013

Adds'n'Passes 2013.07.15

Band Album Label Verdict Words
Ashrae Fax Static Crash! Never Better ADD ethereal pop/noise, kills it considering it's from 2003
Barbarossa Bloodlines Memphis Industries ADD slow smooth dark good
Bare Mutants The Affliction In The Red ADD
Bare Mutants The Affliction In The Red ADD I think it's the dude from the Ponys, Gummare? 
Bretzer, Travis Making Love Mexican Summer ADD riyl mac de marco, tony castles
Callinan, Kirin J Embracism Terrible ADD for those who can't get enough Scott Walker
Coke Weed Back To Soft S/R ADD folk-ish rock leans on nostalgia
Hart, Grant The Argument Domino ADD hermit-esque Husker Du drummer makes bizzare Story-of-Genesis concept album
Hot Chip Dark and Stormy Domino ADD every middle-aged dude's favorite drink (feat daphni, major lazer)
La Machine Phases & Repetition Castleface ADD reissue of lo fi dub jam from Rhode Island crew
Love Language, The Ruby Red Merge ADD feat a boatload of musicians and such, Carolina pop
Lynch, David The Big Dreams Sacred Bones ADD follow up to "crazy clown time"  lynchian blues
Part Time PDA Mexican Summer ADD kinda rips off the smiths, ariel pink, and wild nothing, but still good
Pollard, Robert Honey Locust Honky Tonk GBV inc. ADD robby goes all western.
Scott & Charlene's Wedding Any Port In A Storm Fire ADD keepin it coming, riyl twerps, parquet courts
Scott, Jackson Melbourne Fat Possum ADD if you love the 90s, or anything.
Smith Westerns Soft Will Mom & Pop ADD With Smesterns
Soft Metals Lenses Captured Tracks ADD art house electro duo stuff
Surf City We Knew It Was Not Going to Be Like This Fire ADD from new zealand and sound like the clean
Tijuana Panthers Semi Sweet Innovative Leisure ADD cali punk, lookin at the garage sale
V/A PDX Pop Now 2013 PDX ADD feat. Chromatics, Wampire, & much more
Weekend Jinx Slumberland ADD a little haunting, nice though, now in the brooklyn scene
A Great Big Pile of Leaves You're Always on My Mind Topshelf PASS
Alexander, Shane Ladera Buddhaland PASS
Bombadil Metrics of Affection Ramseur PASS
Change! Dark Side of the Love Letter S/R PASS
Coles, Maya Jane Comfort iamme PASS
Ebony Bones Behold, A Pale Horse
Family Crest, The  The Headwinds EP Tender Loving Empire PASS
Fugitives, The Bigger Than Luck Light Organ PASS
Gogol Bordello Pura Vida Conspiracy ATO PASS
Grisly Hand, The Country Singles S/R PASS
Hey! Hello! S/T The End PASS
Hornell, Matthew Have It All S/R PASS
Kingswood Change Of Heart S/R PASS
Leerone Heart Shaped Bullets S/R PASS
Maps Vicissistude Mute PASS
Meyer, Emi Galaxy's Skirt Curious Creature PASS
Morning Episodes, The Never Felt So Alive S/R PASS
Palms S/R Ipecac PASS
Patachi Kid S/T S/R PASS
Pluto Jonze S/T S/R PASS
Speedwell Start To Finish Coolidge PASS
Swimm S/T S/R PASS
Szabo Get Wasted S/R PASS
Tecla We Are the Lucky Ones Sony PASS
Tie These Hands Come On S/R PASS

11 June 2013

Adds'n'Passes 2013.06.11

Band Album Label Distributor Date Verdict Words
Camera Obscura Desire Lines 4AD
2013.06.11 ADD Scottish indie poppers make 5th
Dream, The IV Play Def Jam
2013.06.11 ADD goofball mainstream hip hop, have fun with it
Feathers If All Now Here S/R Syndicate 2013.06.11 ADD 4 women play synths, sounds 2002
Gore, Ell V Sex Static Last Gang
2013.06.11 ADD dingy garage and good
Light Heat S/T Ribbon Substance 2013.06.11 ADD pretty solid pop rock
Queens of the Stone Age Like Clockwork Matador
2013.06.11 ADD QOTSAAAAA. Matador 1st #1 ?
Skip & Die Riots in the Jungle Crammed 
2013.06.11 ADD white people denounce capitalism, good
Spectrals Sob Story Slumberland Terrorbird 2013.06.11 ADD way different from first release.. Twangy sparkles
Surfer Blood Pythons Sire
2013.06.11 ADD these guys!
Blue Blazer Follow the Sun S/R Clermont 2013.06.11 PASS
Jimmy Eat World Damage Exotic Location
2013.06.11 PASS
Midnight Faces Fornication Broken Factory Clermont 2013.06.11 PASS
MixHell Spaces Last Gang
2013.06.11 PASS
Multiple Cat The Return of the Multiple Cat Guilt Ridden Pop Terrorbird 2013.06.11 PASS
Portugal. The Man Evil Friends Atlantic Syndicate 2013.06.11 PASS
Providence S/T Brazen
2013.06.11 PASS

03 June 2013

Adds'n'Passes 2013.06.03

Band Album Label Distributor Verdict Words
Bleeker, Alex & the Freaks How Far Away Woodsist Never Better ADD AB of Real Estate, solo effort from our pals at Woodsist
Callaci, Dennis & Simon Joyner New Secrets Shrimper AAM ADD twisted lofi nerd rock
CSS Planta SQE
ADD groovy lady group makes weirdo electro pop
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Patterns

ADD have D.E.Jr-squared hit indie-pop fame?
Future Bible Heroes Partygoing Merge
ADD got Stephen Merritt, of magneto fields
Gold Panda Half of Where You Live Ghostly Terrorbird ADD finally! 2nd album, electronic producer
Hopkins, Jon Immunity Domino Never Better ADD london producer
King Tuff Was Dead Burger AAM ADD reissue of first album, previously released on limited vinyl
Mantles, The Long Enough to Leave Slumberland Terrorbird ADD garage pop folk rock
Oblivians Desperation In the Red AAM ADD it's actually new music from Oblivians!
Pastels, The Slow Summits Domino Man A Plan ADD scott-twee jangles and breezes through dejection
Queen Kwong Bad Lieutenant Instant Never Better ADD EP of pretty solid rock, riyl dum dum girls
Sonny & the Sunsets Antenna to the Afterworld Polyvinyl Terrorbird ADD 9th record, deals with the murder of a friend
Sundfor, Susanne The Silicone Veil Sonnet Terrorbird ADD us release of critically acclaimed norwegian soundscapes
Torres Torres S/R Never Better ADD Nashville lady makes nice music. Will probably sign soon
Amaker, Brent & the Rodeo Year of the Dragon Fin Terrorbird PASS
Capital Cities In a Tidal Wave of Mystery Lazy Hooks
Coma Cinema Posthumous Release Fork & Spoon Terrorbird PASS
Damiani, Dave Watch What Happens Hard Knocks
Greg Friedman Can't Talk Now Populuxe
Irontom Nitro EP S/R Planetary PASS
Japanese Girls The Sharkweek EP Light Organ Substance PASS
KT Tunstall Invisible Empire / Crescent Moon Blue Note
Quadron Avalanche Vested
Walla Nature EP S/R Never Better PASS

30 May 2013

Adds'n'Passes 2013.05.30

Band Album Label Distributor Verdict Words
Brazos Saltwater Dead Oceans
ADD haven't heard from this dude in forever! Adventuresome
Broncho Can't Get Past the Lips Fairfax AAM ADD pretty good garage/punk
Date Palms The Dusted Sessions Thrill Jockey
ADD out there space drone, recorded during a solar eclipse
Free Time Free Time Underwater Peoples Never Better ADD down under, connections to Twerps, solid UP release
Friedberger, Eleanor Personal Record Merge
ADD she keeps on keepin on
GRMLN Empire Carpark Terrorbird ADD Socal Yoodoo gonna get you movin
Hooded Fang Gravez Full Time Hobby Terrorbird ADD canucks get surfy, psychedelic and raaaad
Marling, Laura Once I Was an Eagle Ribbon
ADD dark female singer-songwriter, dom-endorsed
Mount Kimbie Cold Spring Fault Less Youth Warp Terrorbird ADD so good, london duo on their gaame
Niblett, Scout It's Up to Emma Drag City Never Better ADD another gem, she moved to Portland
Saturday Looks Good To Me One Kiss Ends It All Polyvinyl AAM ADD better than the cover art.  Easy pop rock
TEEN Carolina Carpark Terrorbird ADD booklyn quartet, harmony poppy carparky
Tricky False Idols !K7
ADD it's tricky
AciD AciD Hub City Syndicate PASS
Adams, Austin The Other Side Tinderbox
Await Rescue Everyone You Know Tinderbox
Bastille Haunt EP Virgin
Big Deal June Gloom Mute
Blood Drive S/T Relapse
Castle, Jerry Desperate Parade S/R
Crystal Fighters Cave Rave Atlantic
Eldren S/T Tinderbox
Front Bottoms, The Talon of the Hawk Bar/None Syndicate PASS
Gypsy and the Cat The Late Blue Alsation AAM PASS
Hidden Hospitals EP Tinderbox
Jaw Kneecap Prime Mia Mind
King Congo And The Pink Monkeybirds Haunted Head In The Red AAM PASS
Koji Crooked in my Mind Run For Cover Syndicate PASS
Longboat Unpopular Songs for Unpopular People S/R Planetary PASS
Marlin, Mike Grand Reveal S/R
Monocle Transpacific Sound Paradise Hidden Shoal Pirtlegimp PASS
Nova Albion Nature S/R Substance PASS
One Mile Final S/T Tinderbox
Paper Kites, The Woodland EP Nettwork Pirate PASS
Pilot for a Day Better Air Tinderbox
Pilot Rouge Helen of Troy Tinderbox
Poor Young Things The Heart. The Head. The End Bumstead Planetary PASS
Presbrey, Kevin Dust Unto Dust Tinderbox
Radio Silent Lost in the Tall Grass Musso
Rhamel Coming Rightout of Bklyn S/R
Rogue Wave Nightingale Floors Vagrant
Saunders, Lindsey Nothing Normal Tinderbox
Secret Colours Peach S/R
Shannon and the Clams Dreams in the Rat House Hardly Art
Slightly Stoopid & Friends Live at Roberto's Stoopid
Sol Cat S/T Tinderbox
Southwire S/T Chaperone Vitriol PASS
Stranglers, The Giants S/R Distiller PASS
Sun, Kae Afriyie S?R Planetary PASS
Superlative, The Chester Tinderbox
Tullycraft Lost in Light Rotation Magic Marker Vitriol PASS
V/A Metal Postcard Records Sampler Metal Postcard Planetary PASS
V/A Music from True Blood ATO
Vanstee We Are S/R Vitriol PASS
Bazar, Halason Space Junk Crash Symbols Pirtlegimp PASS* bad CD, requested another

17 May 2013

Adds'n'Passes 2013.05.17

Band Album Label Distributor Verdict Words
Big Black Delta  S/T Maters of Bates AAM ADD M83-esque
Club 8 Above the City Labrador Terrorbird ADD 8th from the swedes
Cronin, Mikal MCII Merge
ADD LA kid
Dean Blunt The Redeemer Hippos in Tanks
ADD half of Hype Williams, getting human
Emma Louise vs Head vs Heart Frenchkiss Never Better ADD intimate, delicate, songwriting
Gold & Youth Beyond Wilderness Arts n Crafts AAM ADD good canada
Grandchildren Golden Age Ernest Jenning Vitriol ADD riyl yeasayer, local natives
HOTT MT I Made This Manimal Terrorbird ADD psych + thai pop and all sorts of good
Invisible Hand Squirrel Jail Fun Not Fun the band ADD did they get it from that geico commercial
Lynch, Julian Lines Underwater People Never Better ADD jangly, tangly, julian-lynchy
Majical Cloudz Impersonator Matador
ADD chillcave
Moon King Obsession II One Big Silence Terrorbird ADD reverby dream pop stuff
PacificUV After the Dream You Are Awake Mazarine AAM ADD a little different from their earlier stuff
Phoenix Foundation, The Fandango S/R Substance ADD nice instrumenting
Saswatch Leave It All Behind Northside Planetary ADD soul revival, lookin at you eisenman
Treetop Flyers The Mountain Moves Partisan
ADD laurel canyon vibes
Tunng Turbines Full Time Hobby
ADD shakin stuff up since 2003
V/A Made In Iceland VI IMX Planetary ADD Olaf Arnalds, Pascal Pinon, moar
V/A : Enjoy the Experience Homemade Records 1958-1992 Now-Again Sinecure ADD really awesome
Vampire Weekend Modern Vampires of the City XL
ADD get vamped
W H I T E III Aagoo
ADD groovy
Wampire Curiosity Polyvinyl Never Better ADD offbeat catchy pop jam
Wild Nothing Empty Estate Captured Tracks Never Better ADD supposedly more accessible? It was already?
Air Dubai Warning Hopeless Planetary PASS
Birds and Arrows Coyotes Redeye
BNLX S/T Susstones Planetary PASS
Buffalo Tales Roadtrip Confessions Foyle Planetary PASS
Camera2 This is Not  A Sad Song S/R
Chester Bay Changes With The Midwest Moon S/R Tinderbox PASS
Claps Glory Glory Moon Glyph
Firefriend With Tales S/R Powderfinger PASS
Fitz and the Tantrums More Than Just a Dream Elektra Planetary PASS
Hooverphonic The Night Before Columbia Planetary PASS
JF Soul Marinelli Electricity S/R Powderfinger PASS
Nelson, John Mark Waiting and Waiting S/R Syndicate PASS
PJ's My Cousin Too S/T S/R Tinderbox PASS
Point Judith Sail On S/R
War Poets S/T S/R Tinderbox PASS
White Prism EP S/R Never Better PASS

06 May 2013

Adds'n'Passes 2013.05.06

Band Album Label Verdict Words
Amidon, Sam Bright Sunny South Nonesuch ADD nice guitarin and song singin
Baptist Generals, The Jackleg Devotional to the Heart Sub Pop ADD dirt is good
Bibio Silver Wilkinson Warp ADD Stephen Wilkinson does it agaiiin, the team on his back
Black Bug Reflecting the Light Hozac ADD moon lazer triangles
Brother JT The Svelteness of Boogietude Thrill Jockey ADD "I like things"
Brothers in Law Hard Times Watta Lab ADD jangly indie from Spain does pretty well
Charli XCX True Romance atlantic ADD electro poppin
Child of Lov, The S/T Double 6 ADD sluggy hip hop feat Damon Albarn and MF DOOM
Classixx Hanging Gardens Innovative Leisure ADD feat. Nancy Whang of LCD
Daughter If You Leave Glassnote ADD cathartic and woozy, riyl cat power, bat for lashes
Deerhunter Monomania 4AD ADD mr. cox and friends
Dungeonesse S/T Secretly Canadian ADD Jenn Wasner makes great pop "bangers n slow jamz"
Elephant9 Atlantis Rune Grammofon ADD proggy
Grand General S/T Rune Grammofon ADD sounds like RG
Hedvig Mollestad Trio All of them Witches Rune Grammofon ADD more prog experimentation
Hval, Jenny Innocence is Kinky Rune Grammofon ADD she watches people f*** on her computer
Iggy and the Stooges Ready to Die Fat Possum ADD "I'm on my knees for those double-Ds" - iggy
Jones, Glenn My Garden State Thrill Jockey ADD that's a big banjo
Lorna Heart of Wire Words on Music ADD super calm songwriting, lots o' instrumentals
Man or Astro-Man? Defcon 5…4…3… C. Vessels ADD spacey surf rawwwk
Peals Walking Field Thrill Jockey ADD members of Future Islands and Double Dagger
Pure X Crawling Up the Stairs Acephale ADD texas trio likes molly and tunes
Savages Silence Yourself Matador ADD los salvajes
She & Him Volume 3 Merge ADD ward & deschanel
Small Black Limits of Desire Jagjaguwar ADD the chillwave champs of yore trim the fat
Sonogram How We Saw Tomorrow Simulacra ADD minimal, experimental, geometric
Starlington, Georgiana Paper Moon Hozac ADD keeping up with the hineses
Still Corners Strange Pleasures Sub Pop ADD supposedly not as good as their debut, but hey
Survival S/T Thrill Jockey ADD dude from Liturgy makes other music
UBT Ego Orientation Psychic Handshake ADD relatively groovy
We Are Loud Whispers Suchness Hardly Art ADD woozy ephemera
Wolf Eyes No Answer: Lower Floors De Stijl ADD experimental noise collective from michigan
Blue Sky Drive S/T S/R PASS
Blue-Eyed Son Shadows on the Son Eenie Meenie PASS
Blum, Mal Tempest in a Teacup Betterweather PASS
Bree S/T Werewolf PASS
Bridges and Powerlines Better S/R PASS
Cosmic Suckerpunch Breathe S/R PASS
Endino, Jack Rumble Fin PASS
Fake Babies EP Telegraph PASS
Fortress Social Club Dreamin the Life S/R PASS
Hailer Another Way S/R PASS
Hockey Wyeth IS Forever Racing PASS
Hodges, Dillon Rumspringa Cork PASS
Hyde, Karl Edgeland S/R PASS
Last Good Tooth Not Without Work and Rest Team Love PASS
Lion, Snoop Reincarnated RCA PASS
MacRae, Graham Dundrearies S/R PASS
Mercutio S/T S/R PASS
Mexican Dubwiser Revolution Radio Kin Kon PASS
Mother Falcon You Knew S/R PASS
Norma The Invisible Mother Novoton PASS
Odell, Tom Songs from Another Love RCA PASS
Postelles, The …And It Shook Me Plus One PASS
Radiation City Animals in the Median Tender Loving Empire PASS
Rouge, The Blurry Atlantic PASS
Saint Alvia Static Psalms canada PASS
Seven Saturdays S/T Lunada PASS
Sonen Inside the Sun S/R PASS
Sputnik Rising S/R PASS
Tiger Party S/T S/R PASS
Tim & Adam S/T S/R PASS
Una The Laughing Man S/R PASS
Wiesner, Chance Takin' A Chance on Love S/R PASS

22 April 2013

Adds'n'Passes 2013.04.22

Band Album Label Verdict Words
!!! THR!!!ER Warp ADD supposed!y different from any past !!! re!eases
Beacon The Ways We Separate Ghostly ADD brooklyn duo make R&B, yeah.
de Tren, Marquis & Bonny Billie Solemns Drag City ADD takin it to church!
Hands Synesthesia Kill Rock Stars ADD grooving LA synth-pop
Irony Butterfly Ground 7" little Pablo ADD addin some vinyl
Junip S/T Mute ADD we now have the LP, feat. Jose Gonzales
Major Lazer Free The Universe Secretly Canadian ADD about time! Bubble Butt
Meat Puppets Rat Farm Megaforce ADD 30 years of meat handling
No Joy Wait to Pleasure Mexican Summer ADD montreal shoegaze, these guys are rad
Phoenix Bankrupt! Glassnote ADD I guess they're grammy-winners
Rubinos, Xenia Magic Trix Jaba Jaba ADD weird rythms, loopy, tune-yard-esque
Thermals Desperate Ground Saddle Creek ADD saddle creek debut (dino jr. / sonic youth prod.)
Young Galaxy Ultramarine Paper Bag ADD shimmery glimmery electro pop
ZZ Ward Record Store Day 7" Hollywood ADD addin some vinyl
Breakbot By Your Side Ed Banger PASS
Cali Giraffes All My Life Fin PASS
Cobalt & the Hired Guns Everybody Wins S/R PASS
Crackling, The Mary Magdalene File Under PASS
Dangerous Muse Red S/R PASS
Dead Confederate In the Marrow Spiderbomb PASS
Dyson, Mia The Moment Co Op PASS
Eksi Ekso Archfiend Retroversal PASS
Freshly Ground Take Me to the Dance South Africa PASS to Folk/World
Girl Named T Wait By the Rabbit Hole Signshop PASS
Great American Robber Barons, The Reno Nevada and Other Songs Tinderbox PASS
Hunt, Rollin The Phoney Moniker PASS
Kalweit and the Spokes Mulch Tinderbox PASS
Kolstad, Sandra Nothing Lasts Forever Trust Me PASS
Leroy Justice Above the Weather S/R PASS
Liquid Air The Sea S/R PASS
Loon Lake Thirty Three S/R PASS
Loque S/T S/R PASS
Lost Alone I'm A UFO in this City The End PASS
Met City S/T S/R PASS
MO Pilgrim Single Neon Gold PASS
neybuzz, the MGs Funk Workshop S/R PASS
Picture and the Frame, The S/T S/R PASS
Pretty & Nice Golden Rules for Golden People Rory PASS
Reckless Ones S/T S/R PASS
Red Paintings, The You're Not One of Them The End PASS
Richey, Kim Thorn In My Heart Yep Roc PASS to folk/eclectic woman
Rouge, Ciel EP S/R PASS
St. Anne's Place Earth Shaker Tinderbox PASS
Toliver, Marques Land of CanAan Bella Union PASS
Watermelon Sleepover S/R PASS
Weeks, The Dear Bo Jackson Serpents & Snakes PASS
Whale Fire Before You Run S/R PASS
Wolf People Fain Jagjaguwar PASS