11 June 2013

Adds'n'Passes 2013.06.11

Band Album Label Distributor Date Verdict Words
Camera Obscura Desire Lines 4AD
2013.06.11 ADD Scottish indie poppers make 5th
Dream, The IV Play Def Jam
2013.06.11 ADD goofball mainstream hip hop, have fun with it
Feathers If All Now Here S/R Syndicate 2013.06.11 ADD 4 women play synths, sounds 2002
Gore, Ell V Sex Static Last Gang
2013.06.11 ADD dingy garage and good
Light Heat S/T Ribbon Substance 2013.06.11 ADD pretty solid pop rock
Queens of the Stone Age Like Clockwork Matador
2013.06.11 ADD QOTSAAAAA. Matador 1st #1 ?
Skip & Die Riots in the Jungle Crammed 
2013.06.11 ADD white people denounce capitalism, good
Spectrals Sob Story Slumberland Terrorbird 2013.06.11 ADD way different from first release.. Twangy sparkles
Surfer Blood Pythons Sire
2013.06.11 ADD these guys!
Blue Blazer Follow the Sun S/R Clermont 2013.06.11 PASS
Jimmy Eat World Damage Exotic Location
2013.06.11 PASS
Midnight Faces Fornication Broken Factory Clermont 2013.06.11 PASS
MixHell Spaces Last Gang
2013.06.11 PASS
Multiple Cat The Return of the Multiple Cat Guilt Ridden Pop Terrorbird 2013.06.11 PASS
Portugal. The Man Evil Friends Atlantic Syndicate 2013.06.11 PASS
Providence S/T Brazen
2013.06.11 PASS

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