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Matthew Simon - Carry The Zero

WTJU is a one of a kind station with one of a kind DJs. Pound for pound, Matthew is the coolest announcer at WTJU. He began announcing for the station in 2003 and has been one of the hosts for Carry the Zero on Thursday afternoons since it's inception in 2007. He's predictable in his love for Stereolab, John Zorn, Talking Heads, random Classic Rock, and Afrobeat. He really enjoys playing music for WTJU and having tickets to give away to the listeners of the station. This probably comes from that time we won a Squeeze album in the 1980s when he was the 7th caller at the college radio station. Or maybe it was the time he correctly answered the question "what was the first song 3WV ever played?" that won him a gift certificate to Dystraxtions where he purchased Metallica's ...and Justice for All on vinyl. 
Blair "B-Side" Amberly - The Garage Sale

after seeing the movie "juice" at the ripe age of 18, blair went out and found some turntables and two copies of various wu-tang 12"s.  his sound obsessions grew and traveled various paths from the meters to the beatles to the replacements and the cramps until blair determined that most bands called "the ______" are great.  music of the garage and soul variety keep the strongest hold on his heart, perhaps because they are the underdogs -- the energetic dreamers desperately seeking a hit.  that kind of magic can never be captured by major labels and often gets overlooked on the dusty b-sides of obscurity.  while not at all of the addictive temperament, blair is heavily obsessive, especially regarding records and music blogs, early childhood education, his family and increasingly, cats. 

Brother Jimmy "The Truth" - The Garage Sale
Born July 4, 1899, Jimmy (Christian name, Aloysius Ishmael James De La Accidenti) is “the
sorriest excuse for human life on this planet,” according to his mother, a heroin-addicted
prostitute who claims to be a direct descendant of William Faa II, King of the Gypsies.
A hero to Scumbags, Low Life’s and No Counts everywhere, he will play whatever music he
feels like and take no consideration to your listening enjoyment or music requests unless you
offer him weird sex, drugs or whiskey. About Jimmy, GG Allin once penned, “This scumf**k
rock n roll sh!t bag knows good music.”
During the mid-1960s, a series of episodes as an alien abductee brought Jimmy to
Charlottesville, VA… a region he refers to as “this dump of a town that has nothing going for it.”
He lives in a cabin without electricity or running water with an androgynous cat he calls Walter
and views all journalists, politicians and law enforcement as mortal enemies.
He is a rabid supporter of the English football team West Ham United F.C., which he insists to
be the greatest football team to ever set foot on the pitch.
He is at times entertaining. Please listen to his show...or don’t (he really doesn’t care.)

-Submitted by Albert Hofman XVI, Sandoz Laboratories

Zak Krone - No Class
I'm the nerd in that picture who wasn't the original vocalist for Black Flag (Keith Morris). I joined WTJU in 2008 and immediately started losing sleep hosting various 1am-3am shows. Right now I'm trying to be the best programming director for the rock department that I can be, while also hosting a show called No Class from Noon-2pm every Friday afternoon. I play a lot of stuff from the 90's that usually has guitars, but appearances from the new bin are always welcome. I'm in a band called Left & Right that would like to be as good as the bands played on WTJU. I also drive a bus for a living. I told Keith all this. He was unimpressed.

Dave Moore - Ye Olde Tuesday Afternoon Rock Show
Dave is a Richmond transplant rapidly approaching a decade of Charlottesville living. A total sucker for free-form radio, it was only a matter of time before he joined the ranks of volunteer dj's at the 'teej to play his favorite music (olde and new) for the good people of the valley, nay, the world (if yr listening on  Dave keeps his day job as an artist, and is likely to be working on one or more paintings that will inevitably be too large to store conveniently.  His art can be found online at

Mitchell Oliver - Turn Me On
Hey y'all, I'm a weekly DJ with Charlie Foxtrot for Turn Me On; pulling tracks from all things hip hop, electronic, garage, lo-fi, funk, etc.  Born and raised in Winchester, VA, I grew up on Dr. Dre, Blink 182 and a handful of more embarrassing bands.  I got involved with WTJU as soon as I came to UVA, and now I’m the music director and a DJ here, which is a blast.  Listen to me on Mondays from 11pm-1am and give me a call!

Robert Packard - No Soap, Radio!
Born somewhere on the edge of ideas, Robert Packard was reared in the verdant pastures of Virginia. Some say he was born in the back of a moving taxi and raised by traveling circus folk, but, as with many writers, reality is often difficult to discern from fiction. These days he’s either hunched over a keyboard, pounding out hundreds of words a minute, or lost in reverie while listening to some obscure band of which you’ve never even heard. Should you confront him in the wild, it’s advisable to avoid ending a sentence with a preposition and to mind your subject/verb agreement; failure to do so may result in a long lecture on the precision of language. Weaknesses include coffee, tea, good books, weird music and random art. Under no circumstances is he to be invited out to coffee or to visit a gallery opening, as you may never get rid of him. Called irreverent, idealistic, provocative and eccentric, perhaps Robert is, in the words of Dr. Thompson, simply too weird to be allowed to live, but too rare to die.

Lady Nocturne - Must Be The Buzz Talkin'

Lady Nocturne is NOT a brothel owner in ante-bellum New Orleans. Lady Nocturne is NOT a figment of your imagination (or is she?). Lady Nocturne is just another twentysomething DJ who bases her show on what got her dancing around her apartment that week.

Born and raised in Charlottesville, the only daughter of two librarians, Lady Nocturne can be seen precariously biking through Belmont, waiting tables down the block, or at that weird house party you were at last weekend. 

Must Be The Buzz Talkin’” (airing Satuday nights/Sunday mornings from 1-3am) is a product of a Vicodin-induced haze, and features bands L.N. discovered while living abroad, funky remixes with heavy bass lines, and anything that will keep you awake at 3am on a Saturday night.

It is recommended that you turn your speakers up.

DJ Poublle - Radio Freedonia
Poubelle (at right) was raised in Winston-Salem, the town that gave us the dB’s/
Chris Stamey, Let’s Active/Mitch Easter, Guitar Gabriel, Hanes underwear, Camel
Lights, Krispy Kreme, and Matt Gatto. Poubelle’s first favorite group was the
Monkees; the first 45 he ever bought was Bill Haley’s “Rock Around the Clock”; and
the first tape he ever bought was Oh No! It’s Devo. While his junior high friends were
into Rush and Ozzy, he was into Billy Joel and the Beatles. Also: lucky number is
eleven; has cold hands, warm heart; spirit animal is bear; ranching brand is “The
Lazy N.” Poubelle hosts “Radio Freedonia” Tuesday nights at 11pm along with his
comrade, Chef Helvidius (at left).

Liz Rhodes - Oogum Boogum
That Darlin’ Darling (Liz Rhodes) is the dark haired co-host of Oogum Boogum, alongside the fair headed Golden Spur.   Long time listener… first time DJ,  That Darlin’ Darling is tickled pink to have taken over Oogum Boogum,  named by a few  of her past WTJU radio heroes  for the Brenton Wood classic.  She hopes to makes those boys proud when they turn their dials to the station.  The songs of Oogum Boogum range from post punk , melancholy ballades,  good old hard distortion, and a grab bag from new rock bin.
Dana Wheeles

I've been Lady D (  at WTJU since 2008 when I hosted Melodic Mayhem late on Friday nights. Since then, I've moved around a bit, from Aunt Beast's Radio Theatre and Archaic Lasers and now I mostly sub for shows when I can. If you hear a blend of chamber pop, french rock and indie music, I'm probably in the studio.

Gabe Cooper
I (Dante, Burma Shave, Cpl. Beige) joined WTJU in 2007. I got hooked on radio when I was 11 and began making mixtapes, and again at Oberlin College, where I volunteered at WOBC 91.5fm and WHATradio. I became a substitute at the ‘Teej last year, but in the past I’ve announced and programmed rock music for Heavy Surveillance, The Broadcasting System, The Oliver Lodge, and The Loving Sounds of Static. On Tuesdays in Charlottesville you can hear me play gypsy fiddle with the Olivarez Trio. My style is freeform, but I love the new bin and German new wave music.
Tim Conlon
I joined WTJU in 2004.  My last regularly scheduled show, entitled “Can’t Say I’ve Heard It”, was on the air from 2005-2009.  Unless I am in the studio as a last-minute sub, I will play only music that is in the “new” or “passed” drawers.   I play drums and sing in two bands:  “Bullrock”, a classic rock band out of Columbia, Md., and “Soul Source and the No Cost Extensions”, a soul band out of DC.  As a drummer, I prefer to play hard driving music.  As a listener, I lean towards less intense songs.  I have a deep affection for ambient music.


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