15 July 2013

Adds'n'Passes 2013.07.15

Band Album Label Verdict Words
Ashrae Fax Static Crash! Never Better ADD ethereal pop/noise, kills it considering it's from 2003
Barbarossa Bloodlines Memphis Industries ADD slow smooth dark good
Bare Mutants The Affliction In The Red ADD
Bare Mutants The Affliction In The Red ADD I think it's the dude from the Ponys, Gummare? 
Bretzer, Travis Making Love Mexican Summer ADD riyl mac de marco, tony castles
Callinan, Kirin J Embracism Terrible ADD for those who can't get enough Scott Walker
Coke Weed Back To Soft S/R ADD folk-ish rock leans on nostalgia
Hart, Grant The Argument Domino ADD hermit-esque Husker Du drummer makes bizzare Story-of-Genesis concept album
Hot Chip Dark and Stormy Domino ADD every middle-aged dude's favorite drink (feat daphni, major lazer)
La Machine Phases & Repetition Castleface ADD reissue of lo fi dub jam from Rhode Island crew
Love Language, The Ruby Red Merge ADD feat a boatload of musicians and such, Carolina pop
Lynch, David The Big Dreams Sacred Bones ADD follow up to "crazy clown time"  lynchian blues
Part Time PDA Mexican Summer ADD kinda rips off the smiths, ariel pink, and wild nothing, but still good
Pollard, Robert Honey Locust Honky Tonk GBV inc. ADD robby goes all western.
Scott & Charlene's Wedding Any Port In A Storm Fire ADD keepin it coming, riyl twerps, parquet courts
Scott, Jackson Melbourne Fat Possum ADD if you love the 90s, or anything.
Smith Westerns Soft Will Mom & Pop ADD With Smesterns
Soft Metals Lenses Captured Tracks ADD art house electro duo stuff
Surf City We Knew It Was Not Going to Be Like This Fire ADD from new zealand and sound like the clean
Tijuana Panthers Semi Sweet Innovative Leisure ADD cali punk, lookin at the garage sale
V/A PDX Pop Now 2013 PDX ADD feat. Chromatics, Wampire, & much more
Weekend Jinx Slumberland ADD a little haunting, nice though, now in the brooklyn scene
A Great Big Pile of Leaves You're Always on My Mind Topshelf PASS
Alexander, Shane Ladera Buddhaland PASS
Bombadil Metrics of Affection Ramseur PASS
Change! Dark Side of the Love Letter S/R PASS
Coles, Maya Jane Comfort iamme PASS
Ebony Bones Behold, A Pale Horse
Family Crest, The  The Headwinds EP Tender Loving Empire PASS
Fugitives, The Bigger Than Luck Light Organ PASS
Gogol Bordello Pura Vida Conspiracy ATO PASS
Grisly Hand, The Country Singles S/R PASS
Hey! Hello! S/T The End PASS
Hornell, Matthew Have It All S/R PASS
Kingswood Change Of Heart S/R PASS
Leerone Heart Shaped Bullets S/R PASS
Maps Vicissistude Mute PASS
Meyer, Emi Galaxy's Skirt Curious Creature PASS
Morning Episodes, The Never Felt So Alive S/R PASS
Palms S/R Ipecac PASS
Patachi Kid S/T S/R PASS
Pluto Jonze S/T S/R PASS
Speedwell Start To Finish Coolidge PASS
Swimm S/T S/R PASS
Szabo Get Wasted S/R PASS
Tecla We Are the Lucky Ones Sony PASS
Tie These Hands Come On S/R PASS

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