03 June 2013

Adds'n'Passes 2013.06.03

Band Album Label Distributor Verdict Words
Bleeker, Alex & the Freaks How Far Away Woodsist Never Better ADD AB of Real Estate, solo effort from our pals at Woodsist
Callaci, Dennis & Simon Joyner New Secrets Shrimper AAM ADD twisted lofi nerd rock
CSS Planta SQE
ADD groovy lady group makes weirdo electro pop
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Patterns

ADD have D.E.Jr-squared hit indie-pop fame?
Future Bible Heroes Partygoing Merge
ADD got Stephen Merritt, of magneto fields
Gold Panda Half of Where You Live Ghostly Terrorbird ADD finally! 2nd album, electronic producer
Hopkins, Jon Immunity Domino Never Better ADD london producer
King Tuff Was Dead Burger AAM ADD reissue of first album, previously released on limited vinyl
Mantles, The Long Enough to Leave Slumberland Terrorbird ADD garage pop folk rock
Oblivians Desperation In the Red AAM ADD it's actually new music from Oblivians!
Pastels, The Slow Summits Domino Man A Plan ADD scott-twee jangles and breezes through dejection
Queen Kwong Bad Lieutenant Instant Never Better ADD EP of pretty solid rock, riyl dum dum girls
Sonny & the Sunsets Antenna to the Afterworld Polyvinyl Terrorbird ADD 9th record, deals with the murder of a friend
Sundfor, Susanne The Silicone Veil Sonnet Terrorbird ADD us release of critically acclaimed norwegian soundscapes
Torres Torres S/R Never Better ADD Nashville lady makes nice music. Will probably sign soon
Amaker, Brent & the Rodeo Year of the Dragon Fin Terrorbird PASS
Capital Cities In a Tidal Wave of Mystery Lazy Hooks
Coma Cinema Posthumous Release Fork & Spoon Terrorbird PASS
Damiani, Dave Watch What Happens Hard Knocks
Greg Friedman Can't Talk Now Populuxe
Irontom Nitro EP S/R Planetary PASS
Japanese Girls The Sharkweek EP Light Organ Substance PASS
KT Tunstall Invisible Empire / Crescent Moon Blue Note
Quadron Avalanche Vested
Walla Nature EP S/R Never Better PASS

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