22 October 2012

Adds'n'Passes 2012.10.22

Band Album Label Verdict Words
Titus Andronicus Local Business XL ADD maybe not as awesome as before but autoadd
Matmos Ganzfeld EP Thrill Jockey ADD 20th anniversary of Matmos, experimental electro, autoadd
DeMarco, Mac 2 LP Captured Tracks ADD autoadd, groovy, RIYL Kurt Vile
PAWS Cokefloat! Fat Cat ADD lo-fi garage pop-rock, yay
U.S. Girls GEM Fat Cat ADD retro-influenced DIY solo artist gets lo-fi
Half Film East of Monument/The Road to the Crater Hidden Shoal ADD 90's slowcore trio gets a reisuue
Maia, Tim World Psychedelic Classics 4 Luaka Bop ADD thanks, World! Tim Maia, the brazilian soul funk godfather
Spiegel, Laurie The Expanding Universe Unseen Worlds ADD O.G. of electronic music
Diamond Rings Free Dimensional Astralwerks ADD pop sensibility. RIYL Twin Shadow
Banks, Paul Banks Matador PASS
Blessed Feathers Peaceful Beasts In An Ocean of Weeds S/R PASS
Cuff the Duke Union Paper Bag PASS
Skies Revolt, The Making Moves EP Mad Dragon PASS
Gentlemen Hall S/T S/R PASS
Daymoths Terrible Beauty S/R PASS
The Blackwater Fever In Stereo Plus One PASS
Bernstein, Sarah S/T S/R PASS
Hunter Valentine Collide & Conquer Megafore PASS
Charlie, Almost Tomorrow's Yesterday Words on Music PASS
A Fine Frenzy Pines Virgin PASS
Dethklok Dethalbum III Adult Swim PASS
Neomythics New Corporate Resistance Ex-Fed PASS
Ber, Paul World Gone Mad S/R PASS
Kelley, Brendan Quicksand S/R PASS
Battle of Santiago, The Followed by Thousands MWPC PASS
Pilesar Stereo Space S/R PASS
Justin, James & Co. Places S/R PASS
V/A Carbon Records Compilation Carbon PASS

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