29 October 2012

Adds'n'Passes 2012.10.29

Band Album Label Verdict Words
Bat For Lashes The Haunted Man Capitol ADD finally!
Bird, Andrew Hands of Glory Mom + Pop ADD Mr. Bird gets a little groovier
Black Light Dinner Party BLDP EP S/R ADD poppy upbeat electronic dance partiers
Ferreira, Sky Ghost EP Capitol ADD poppy singer/songwriter, collab w/ Cass McCombs & others
Glasper, Robert Experiment Black Radio the Remix EP Blue Note ADD feat. Erykah Badu, ?uestlove, etc.
Jenny Besetzt Only S/R ADD band has done in-studios here in the past, solid
Land Observations Roman Roads IV-XI Mute ADD James Brooks (of Appliance), 'psychogeography' scores
of Montreal Daughter of Cloud Polyvinyl ADD near Toronto
People Get Ready S/T Brassland ADD homies from Yeasayer, Lissy Trullie, A Sunny Day in Glasgow
Why? Mumps, etc. Anticon ADD 5th LP from the Anticon oddballs
Chad Valley Young Hunger Cascine PASS
de Salem, Michael Time is After Me S/R PASS
DeLong, Robert Global Concepts EP Glassnote PASS
Finleyknight Undivided Time S/R PASS
Flashbulb Fires Gasconader S/R PASS
Friedberger, Matthew Matricidal Sons of Bitches Thrill Jockey PASS
Goodbye Motel S/T Nice Bike PASS
My Radio Starts in the East, Falls in the West S/R PASS
Old Man Luedecke Tender is the Night True North PASS
Sidewalk Dave Hard On Romance telegraph PASS
Vidal, Maia God Is My Bike Crammed PASS
Wires Under Tension Replicant Western Vinyl PASS

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