24 September 2012

Adds'n'Passes 2012.09.24

Band Album Label Verdict Words
Alt-J An Awesome Wave Canvasback ADD autoadd
Brokaw, Chris Gambler's Ecstasy 12XU ADD autoadd
El Ten Eleven Transitions Fake ADD in the post-rock realm, warmer though, like Tycho
Falconberry, Dana Leelanau Antenna Farm ADD Orchestral folk-pop singer-songwriter
Flying Lotus Until The Quiet Comes Warp ADD autoadd
King, Kaki Glow Velour ADD autoadd
R.E.M. Document EMI ADD who?
Seapony Falling Hardly Art ADD not super-great, but good
Sun Airway Soft Fall Dead Oceans ADD autoadd
TOY S/T Heavenly ADD krautrock-ey, a la Ride, Horrors, Crocodiles
XX, The Coexist Young Turks ADD autoadd
Ben Folds Five The Sound of the Life of the Mind IMAVEEPEE PASS
Bronzed Chorus, The Gleaning Hello PASS
Brooklyn Brothers The Album ATCO PASS
Byron, Ramond & White Freighter Little Death Shaker Asthmatic Kitty PASS
Charles, J & the Trainrobbers Upon Leaving End Sounds PASS
Coykendall, Mike Chasing Away the Dots Fluff & Gravy PASS
Dots Will Echo Drunk is the New Sober Asthmatic Kitty PASS
Indecent, The Control Warner PASS
Jonka Pinks and Blues S/R PASS
Lee, Sam Better Half S/R PASS
Letting Up Despite Great Faults Untogether S/R PASS
Loud Springs EP S/R PASS
My Jerusalem Preachers The End PASS
Sassparilla Magpie Fluff & Gravy PASS
Sound Cannon Zelodius TT PASS
Standing Hawthorn Living Without Lies S/R PASS
Super Fuzz, The  Art Noise Forward Motion PASS
Tallhart Bloodlines Rory PASS

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