17 September 2012

Adds'n'Passes 2012.09.17

Greenwood, Jonny "The Master" Soundtrack Nonesuch ADD autoadd
Hand to Man Band, The S/T Post-Consumer ADD Mike Watt (Minutemen), John Dietrich (Deerhoof), Tim Barnes (Silver Jews)
How To Dress Well Total Loss Acephale ADD autoadd.  Modern r&b champ
Lavender Diamond Incorruptible Heart Parachute ADD autoadd
Moon Duo Circles Sacred Bones ADD autoadd.  One Wooden Shjip, plus Sanae Yamada
Onuinu Mirror Gazer Bladen County ADD weirdo electronic, appropriates all sorts, a la Monster Rally
pacificUV Chrysalis EP Mazarine ADD yay
Reptile Youth S/T HFN ADD Danish post-poppers
Soft Pack, The Strapped Mexican Summer ADD autoadd
Taken By Trees Other Worlds Secretly Canadian ADD autoadd.
Bad Powers S/T The End PASS dark, bad.
Big Enjoyers Shaf de Pleu S/R PASS
Bingham, Ryan Tomorrowland S/R PASS to Folk
Blank Attack, The S/T S/R PASS
Bloody Angle S/T S/R PASS
Blue Sausage Infant Flight of the Solstice Queens Zero Moon PASS
Body Language Grammar EP Lavish Habits PASS
Brecher, Kayle Spirals and Lines Penchant Four PASS
Buxter Hoot'n Na Na Na S/R PASS
Callers Reviver Partisan PASS
Cardboard Lamb Don't Forget to Die Manimal Vinyl PASS
Cars & Trains We Are All Fire Fake Four PASS
Claudio Sing it Out EP S/R PASS
Cuckoo Chaos EP White Iris PASS
Dragonette Bodyparts S/R PASS
Dunwells, The Blind Sighted Faith Concord PASS
I Come to Shanghai Eternal Life Vol 1 & 2 Texachusetts PASS
Kaplansky, Lucy Reunion Red House PASS to Folk
Kingsfoil A Beating Heart is a Bleeding Heart  Holiday Heart PASS
Lighthouse and the Whaler, The This Is An Adventure S/R PASS
Miller-Heidke, Kate Nightflight Red PASS
Moon, Willy EP Third Man PASS
Nemeth, Ferenc Triumph Dreamers Collective PASS to Jazz
New Beard New Beard City Shoulder Tap PASS
New Beard New Beard City Shoulder Tap PASS
Parusel, Maren Tightrope Walker Requimme PASS
Presets, The Pacifica Casablanca PASS
Rubblebucket Oversaturated EP Roll Call PASS
Ssion Bent Dovecote PASS
Static Producer One S/R PASS
St-Danger, Nehemiah The Slow and Painful Death Of Post-Consumer PASS
Tilly and the Wall Heavy Mood Team Love PASS
Title Fight Floral Green SideOneDummy PASS
Ungodomskulen Secrecy S/R PASS
V/A Young Aspiring Professionals Sampler YAP PASS
Windsor Drive Wanderlust S/R PASS

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