28 November 2011

Adds'n'Passes 2011.11.28

Band Album Label Verdict Words
Angeletti, Susan Wisdom s/r PASS
Angeli Caerulei EP s/r PASS
Big Deal EP Mute ADD enjoyable, album due in january
Cactus Peach Eat s/r PASS
Cloud Control Bliss Release Ivy League ADD decent enough aussie rockers
Dad Rocks! Mount Modern Father Figure PASS
Duke Spirit, The Bruiser Shangri-La PASS
Eddy Current Suppression Ring So Many Things Goner ADD autoadd.  RIYL Tyvek
Eleven This Little Finger Rasras PASS
Escort Escort Silent Voice ADD autoadd.  Disco orchestra
Get Set Go Fury of Your Lonely Heart Square Tire Records PASS
Headflap Cold Sponge Humaninhuman PASS
Hindi Zahra Handmade Naïve PASS
Jefferson, The Days are Falling s/r PASS
Lee, Aaron & the Love Vigilantes Close Strangers Visionary PASS
Lijadu Sisters, The Danger Knitting Factory ADD groovy grooves from some sisters in Nigeria, sent a copy to World.
Martin, Daphne Lee Dig & Be Dug Telegraph PASS
Niki & The Dove The Drummer EP Sub Pop PASS
Pinder, J. Go Far Fin ADD we add (blue) vinyl
Pollard, Robert The Kids Eat it Up GBV ADD best of 2010-2011
Pree Folly Paper Garden PASS
Regurgitator Super Happy Fun Times Friends s/r PASS
Scarlet Monk AnnaBella Global Vortex PASS
Schwartzman, Robert Double Capricorn California Dreamin PASS
Serenades Come Home Cherry Tree PASS
She & Him A Very She & Him Christmas Merge ADD Zoey <3's DJ Baconfat
Spank Rock Everything is Boring… s/r PASS
Tender Loving Empire Friend & Friends of Friends Vol. 4 Tender Loving Empire ADD compilation of Portland artists, check it!
Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun Wildfire Greyday PASS
Trophy Wives Old Scratch Latest Flame PASS
Twink Itsy Bits & Bubbles s/r PASS
Willoughby This Will Be Your Drink Sargent PASS

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