29 November 2011

Featured Five with Zak Krone

From the 11/25 show

"Hyper Enough" Superchunk - I went down to Carrboro to see Superchunk at the Cat's Cradle last year. They pretty much pummel you during their live shows, and playing in their hometown turned the concert into a test of endurance. After the show, they were kind enough to sign a copy of "No Pocky for Kitty" for me. Jon Wurster, their drummer and champion of the universe later tweeted: "Kid asked me to sign 'no pocky.' Didn't even play on that record. Instant Death"

"So Young" Suede - I love this album. The album art, however, makes me extremely uncomfortable.

"Random Rules" Silver Jews - David Berman's crowning achievement in my opinion. American Water is one of the very few records I've bought on a whim, without hearing any previous work of the artist or any of the songs on the album. Happiest mistake I've ever made.

"The Freed Pig" Sebadoh - I've heard this song is supposedly about Barlow and Mascis' falling out when Lou got kicked out of Dinosaur Jr. You wouldn't guess it watching Mascis, who looks like a silver haired warlock wielding a Jazzmaster, but record shows him as being a terrible terrible bandmate. Read Our Band Could Be Your Life and you'll see.

"Troglodyte" Jimmy Castor Bunch -
"WTJU, this is Zak, how can I help"
"Yes, I find this song to be quite sexist"
"I'd have to agree with you about that"
"So why are you playing it?"
"Well... hopefully people can take the good with the bad. Extract the funk if you know what I'm trying to say"
"Well... it is funky"
"Thanks for listening"

Jimmy Castor Bunch, the Wagner of friday afternoon rock?

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