05 November 2012

Adds'n'Passes 2012.11.05

Band Album Label Verdict Words
Black Forest Fire Transit of Venus Sedimental ADD kinda slowdivey, kinda tamaryn-ey, kinda good
El Perro Del Mar Pale Fire Control Group ADD autoadd
Gospel Claws Put Your Sunshine Away S/R ADD jangly retro outfit does it pretty well
Grape Soda Form A Sign Kindercore ADD brother duo make groovy lo fi pop
Growl, The Cleaver Lever S/R ADD big dirty heavy dark rock n roll sound
Il Albanico Crossing Colors EP S/R ADD world-influenced rockers from Bogota, really awesome
Jan Jan Enclaves ADD two girls make slow talon
Nadja Dagdrom Broken Spine ADD chunky, crunchy, heavy, doomy, good
Non / Boyd Rice Back to Mono Mute ADD Boyd Rice, noise OG since the 70's
Qurious Void Vanishing Stickfigure ADD lush ambient/electronic, a little pop lean
Snow Goose Harmony Springs Badabing ADD guitarist of Teenage Fanclub, fresh vocalist, nice
Social Studies Developer Antenna Farm ADD SF-area group, played with Thee Oh Sees, Tune Yards, etc.
Unwed Teenage Mothers, The 7" EP Speakertree ADD Real good! There's a CD in the 7" sleeve, kept it all together for simplicity!
V/A PDX Pop Now PDX ADD M. Ward, Onuinu, Glass Candy, Smegma etc.
White Laces Moves Speakertree ADD Real good! There's a CD in the 7" sleeve, kept it all together for simplicity!
Bend Sinister Small Fame Man a Plan PASS
Bubbly Mommy Gun Sand Roses Party Party Partners PASS
Creed, Martin Love to You Moshi Moshi PASS
Goodnight Lights As Far As The Moon S/R PASS
Irata S/T S/R PASS
Levellers Static on the Airwaves OTF PASS
Patois S/T S/R PASS
Snowden The Beat Comes Serpents & Snakes PASS
Step Jayne S/T S/R PASS
Swedish House Mafia Until Now Astralwerks PASS
Tracksuit Beat Up Radio S/R PASS
Trashed Romeos Where Dreamers Never Go Trashy Creatures PASS
WAZU Robobo Anti Language PASS
Weeks,  The Gutter Gaunt Gangster Serpents & Snakes PASS

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