12 November 2012

2012.11.12 Adds'n'Passes

Band Album Label Verdict Words
Child Actor Victory Fake Four ADD "sultry" vocals over "devastating" electronic
Clinic Free Reign Domino ADD 7th release from clinic
Eternal Tapestry A World Out of Time Thrill Jockey ADD mounds of sonic exploration
Flume Flume Future Classic ADD young australian producer in lines of XXYYXX, FlyLo
Guided by Voices The Bears for Lunch S/R ADD GbV in their ever-prolific production
Io Echo S/T EP IAMSOUND ADD LA duo, kinda industrial-gaze textural doom pop
Love, Calvin New Radar Autumn Tone ADD "lo-fi bedroom pop for the future"
Night Moves Colored Emotions Domino ADD extremely listenable
Old Time Machine S/R File Under: Music ADD swampy Yukon diddles
Prince Rama Top Ten Hits of the End of the World Paw Tracks ADD pseudo-compilation album of 10 imaginary bands
Stevens, Sufjan Christmas Collection Asthmatic Kitty ADD 5 CDs in a box set from Sufjan, yeah.
Toro Y Moi So Many Details EP Carpark ADD chaz bundick gettin chazzy
American Royalty Honey & Queen Guns in the Sun PASS
Beats Antique Contraption II S/R PASS
Casket Lottery, The Real Fear No Sleep PASS
Dream Walk S/T S/R PASS
Fenton, Dhenry Turnin' S/R PASS
Golden Void S/T Thrill Jockey PASS
Goldenboy The New Familiar Eenie Meenie PASS
Hale, Ed and the Transcendence Great Mistake Dying Van Gogh PASS
Haunted West Postlude S/R PASS
Hortensia, Cecile Papillons
Kanno, Cary Changes S/R PASS
Lynch, Stephen Lion W.A.R. PASS
Mayors of Liberty Another Day in the Dream Factory S/R PASS
Midnight Romeo Telephone S/R PASS
Minstrels, The Now We Trael Broken S/R PASS
PK Lost Boys Session S/R PASS
Slam Dunk Welcome to Miami File Under: Music PASS
Three Legged Fox Always Anyway S/R PASS
Tiger High

Tunnel, The Sultry Daggers S/R PASS

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