16 July 2012

Radio Wowsville 7/15/12: Crystal Ball

This episode of Radio Wowsville marked the 18th birthday of "our little problem," even though there is some dispute about when RW actually started. We do know it was sometime in the summer of 1994 but that's as far as our research and long term memory will take us.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Wowsville without the dim witted announcer making a major on-air fubar. For some reason, I kept telling listeners that Wowsville started in 2004, instead of 1994. This is wrong - a blatant attempt by an oldster to look younger than he really is. Don't believe him, er, me. It was definitely 1994 because I was still wearing flannel.

To listen to a stream of this Radio Wowsville episode (and other great past WTJU shows), click here with extreme prejudice.

1."Whipping Boy" - Chris Darrow - Chris Darrow [United Artists: 1973]
2."Measure" - Field Music - Measure [Memphis Industries: 2010]
3."Sisterly" - Fang Island - Major [Sargent House: 2012] NEW
4."I'd Rather Go to Jail" - Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels - Sock it to Me! [New Voice: 1967]
5."Get Out of Denver" - Bob Seger - Seven [Capitol: 1974]
6."Face Blind" - Bobby Conn - Macaroni [Fire: 2012] NEW
7."A Ridiculous Man" - T-Bone Burnett - Trap Door [Warner Brothers: 1982]
8."Old Trick" - Milk Maid - Mostly No [Fatcat: 2012] NEW
9."Lemonade Kid" - Kak - Kak [Rev-Ola: 1969]
10."On the Way Home" - Buffalo Springfield - Last Time Around [Atco: 1968]
11."Baby Please Don't Go" - The Ballroom - Where the Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets [Rhino: 1967]
12."The Experts" - The Trillions - Tritones [Worthless Junk: 2012]
13."Now and Then" - The Shoes - Present Tense [Elektra]
14."Joe Public" - The Rutles - Archeology [Virgin: 1996]
15."Crystal Ball" - Utopia - Deface the Music [Bearsville: 1980]
16."Eleanor Rigby" - Third Wave  - Here and Now [MPS; 1970]
17."Don't You Feel Me?" - Damon - Song of a Gypsy [1970]
18."Smile Backing Vocals Montage" - Beach Boys - Smile [Capitol: 1966/2011]
19."Come into My Music Box" - Paul Jones - Come Into My Music Box [1969]
20."I Need It" - Jules Shear - Watch Dog [Elektra: 1983]
21."See You Then" - Ray Charles - Volcanic Action of my Soul [Tangerine-ABC: 1971]
22."I'll Make You My Girl" - The Dells - No Way Back [Mercury: 1976]
23."Do You Know (Everything 'Bout Love)" - Donoman and the Skylarks - 45 [Thunderbird: 1960]
24."We've Got to Get Our Love Thing Together" - Page One - 45 [Guess]
25."Front Page Love" - Bee Gee Stans - Ol' Virginia Soul Part 1 [Tal-Vert / Arcania International]
26."Freeborn Man" - Paul Revere & the Raiders - Alias Pink Puzz [Columbia: 1969]

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