18 June 2012

Adds'n'Passes 06.18.12

Band Album Label Distributor Date Verdict Words
Apple, Fiona The Idler Wheel is Wiser… Epic The Syndicate 06.18.12 ADD auto-add; it's Fiona Apple, yo. Plus, super long, weird title
Bibi Tanga & the Selenites 40 Degrees of Sunshine Nat Geo Music
06.18.12 ADD funky, retro-futuristic kinda pop stuff. Kinda awesome.
Daredevil Christopher Wright, The The Nature of Things File Under: Music A Man A Plan A Canal 06.18.12 ADD weird, good vocal harmonics, mix of instruments
Delicate Steve Positive Force Luaka Bop Distiller Promo 06.18.12 ADD We added his last record. Name sounds lame, music is quite the opposite. Fun, loopy, folky-electronic stuffs.
Foxes Warrior Neon Gold AAM 06.18.12 ADD Electronic/dance female singer-songwriter with good piano
Husky Forever So Sub Pop
06.18.12 ADD acoustic driven rock, good use of harmonies, obvious classic rock influence
Peaking Lights Lucifer Mexican Summer AAM 06.18.12 ADD ambient, electronic stuffs, gets dancey at times, but rather mellow overall
SpaceGhostPurrp Mysterious Phonk: The Chromicles of SpaceGhostPurrp 4AD
06.18.12 ADD ambient, atmospheric, 4AD-rap. Sure, we'll try it (during safe harbor, b/c NOT FCC friendly)
Supreme Cuts Whispers in the Dark Dovecote Records Vitriol 06.18.12 ADD beat music, kinda R&B influenced, ambiant noises, aims for epicness
A Place to Bury Strangers Worship Dead Oceans
06.18.12 PASS
Accolade Festivalia Self Release
06.18.12 PASS
B.D. Gottfried Damien's Lantern Self Release
06.18.12 PASS
Davidson Hart Kingsbery 2 Horses Fin Records Western Publicity 06.18.12 PASS
Delta Rae Carry the Fire Sire
06.18.12 PASS
Fast Planet Jes Self Release AAM 06.18.12 PASS
Lindsay, Jon Summer Wilderness Program Bear Hearts Fox Records Planetary Group 06.18.12 PASS
Little Feat Rooster Rag Hot Tomato / Rounder 06.18.12 PASS
Ponderosa Navajo New West Records Team Clermont 06.18.12 PASS
Royal Teeth Act Naturally [EP] Dangerbird The Syndicate 06.18.12 PASS
Schande, Jen 19: Songs for & Inspired By Valencia Chapter 19 Self Release Team Clermont 06.18.12 PASS
Skipping Girl Vinegar Chase the Sun [EP] Secret Fox Records Planetary Group 06.18.12 PASS
Sonny and the Sunsets Longtime Companion Polyvinyl AAM 06.18.12 PASS
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Trouble Casablanca AAM 06.18.12 PASS
Ty Segall Band Slaughterhouse In The Red AAM 06.18.12 PASS
White Arrows Dry Land is Not A Myth Votiv
06.18.12 PASS

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