16 December 2011

Albums of 2011 - That Darlin' Darling

That Darlin' Darling's Top Ten

10. Future Islands- On the Water (Thrill Jockey)
9. Destroyer - Kaputt 2011 (Merge)
8. St. Vincent - Strange Mercy (4AD)
7.Kurt Vile-  Smoke Ring For My Halo (Matador)
6.tUnE YarDs- WHOKILL (4AD) 
5.John Maus- We become the pitiless censors of ourselves (Ribbon Music)
4.Cults - Cults (In the name of columbia)
3.Crystal Castles - (II) Re release (Fiction?)
2.M 83 - Midnight City - (M 83 Recording Inc)
1.Girls - Father Son Holy Ghost Fantasy (True Panther Sounds)

This year there were so many great albums it was hard for me to just choose 10.

For the fans of hard electronic beats and disco struts, The Future Islands, The Cults, Destroyer, St. Vincent, John Maus, The Crystal Castles and M83 all pulled out their synthesizers to make varied and memorable albums that would make anyone dance.  

Merrill Garbus, tUne-yaRDs, fused African beats with her playful, Nina-esque voice and created a truly unique album in WHOKILL. I really respect this album for its isidiosyncrasies, even if I don't care for the choice capitalization of LeTTeRs. 

As Kurt Vile plucks his guitar, melancholia pours out his lyrics in Smoke Ring For My Halo . The song  "Baby'Arms" makes it hard for this girl who loves broody men to resist the man and the album.

Holy Moley! Girls takes you on a ride in Father from poppy Honey Bunny to the gospel guitar ending Vomit.  This album takes from the LP Album as a confessional, but it is more refined and as each song builds to an end you just want more and more. I haven't had a full year with Father, Son, Holy Ghost, but it is ending 2011 as my favorite and will continue on into 2012.

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