19 December 2011

Adds'n'Passes 2011.12.19

Band Album Label Verdict Words
Asano, Koji Polar Parliament Solstice PASS
Black Keys, The El Camino Nonesuch ADD take it or leave it
Cale, John EP: Extra Playful Double Six ADD velvet shmunderground. He might be getting a little old...
Daymoths Back In Time s/r ADD addable pop rock duo from twin cities
eLee Y'all Aint Ready s/r PASS
Jalbert, Jessica Brother Loyola Old Ugly ADD steady rockin and delicate alt country tunes
Odonis Odonis Hollandaze Fatcat ADD reverby buzzy surf punk shoe gaze from Toronto
Olausson, Jakob Morning & Sunrise De Stijl ADD 2nd alt-folk solo release from Swedish beet farmer
The Banjees 25 s/r PASS
V/A New Zealand at CMJ 2011 NZMC ADD cool kiwi VA album, some real good tracks, find 'em!
V/A The Original Sound of Cumbia Sound Way PASS
V/A Tunes for Baboons (CJSW) CAD ADD various artists do live sessions in Calgary
Waits, Tom Bad as Me Anti ADD Tom who 
Wilco The Whole Love dBpm ADD dads take note (juuuust kidding...)

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