15 April 2013

Adds'n'Passes 2013.04.15

Band Album Label Distributor Verdict Words
Akron, Family Sub Verse Dead Oceans
ADD hot wind blowing hard
Boundary S/T S/R
ADD weird experimenting, good!
Dust Hard Attack/Dust Sony
ADD early american metal circa 1970
Flaming Lips, The The Terror Warner Bros
ADD ooph
Futurebirds Baba Yaga VL
ADD athens band, sounds american
Growl, The What Would Christ Do? S/R Planetary ADD dirty rock n roll
Iron and Wine Ghost On Ghost Nonesuch
ADD copper and forties
Knife, The Shaking the Habitual Mute
ADD yes we have it now
Lilacs & Champagne Danish & Blue Mexican Summer Never Better ADD sorta retro take on production, lots of 60s samples too
Ablebody All My Everybody EP S/R Never Better PASS
Belle Game, The Ritual Tradition Habit Boompa Vitriol PASS
Bored Nothing  Bored Nothing Spunk Terrorbird PASS
Crime and the City Solution American Twilight Mute Artists
Delta Saints Death Letter Jubilee S/R Team Clermont PASS
Eternal Fair The Horse that Carries the Wheel S/R Band Mom PASS
Fortneranderson Annunciations Canada Arts
PASS direct add to Hep Imp
Grant, John Pale Green Ghosts Megalon Partisan PASS
Kopecky Family Band Kids Raising Kids ATO
Nude Pop Splintered Selves EP Fake Planetary PASS
Redtenbacher's Funkestra The Cooker S/R
PASS to Jazz (it's a funkestra)
Touche It's Fate S/R
Vox, Victoria Key S/R Substance PASS
We All Want To Sally Can't See Plus One Planetary PASS

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