18 February 2013

Adds'n'Passes 2013.02.18

Band Album Label Verdict Words
Anders & Kendall Wild Chorus Nine Mile ADD folk rock duets, not too fluffy
Cave Singers, The Naomi Jagjaguwar ADD felt a little weak but hey cave singers
Frightened Rabbit Pedestrian Verse Atlantic ADD got a big following
Iceage You're Nothing Matador ADD rad
Lidell, Jamie S/T Warp ADD 80s synth.. "downright sassy" ?
Lovely Bad Things, The The Late Great Whatever Volcom ADD sugar high LA pop punk
Luchadora Viva S/R ADD local surf rock group
Obnox Smoke Woody Haze 12" EP 12XU ADD beat-oriented raw punk
Pascal Pinon Twosomeness Morr ADD twin icelandic ladies make what you'd expect, maybe
Schnauss, Ulrich A Long Way to Fall Domino ADD berlin producer, 4th release is on it
STRFKR Miracle Mile Polyvinyl ADD groovy frisky sparkly
WAVVES Demon to Lean On Warner ADD a single
Alfa World Go Blue S/R PASS
Autre Ne Veut Anxiety Software PASS
AyOH Take it To the People S/R PASS
Everything Everything Cough Cough EP Sony UK PASS
Ford, Sallie & the Sound Outside Untamed Beast Partisan PASS
Fur Eel S/T S/R PASS
Lotus Build SCI PASS
Mason, Willy Don't Stop Now Communion PASS
Mitzi Truly Alive Future Classic PASS
Pagiins Bad Things Don't S/R PASS
Superhuman Happiness Hands Royal Potato PASS
Sweet, Kelly Sirens S/R PASS
Tarmac Adam The History Effect S/R PASS
Virginmarys Stripped Wind-Up PASS
Young Buffalo EP Votiv PASS

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