07 May 2012

Adds'n'Passes 2012.05.07

Band Album Label Verdict Words
Beach House Bloom Sub Pop ADD autoadd.  Beech haus.
Best Coast The Only Place Mexican Summer ADD autoadd. Typical Best Coast.
Birthmark Antibodies Polyvinyl ADD softie sufjan stevens-esque stuff from the Kinsellas
Cheap Time Wallpaper Music In the Red ADD autoadd. Punk and glam, third record, and best yet?
Death Grips The Money Store Epic ADD autoadd. Punk hip hop. Zach Hill does percussion
Dubs, Jeremy Speak! The Bureau ADD weird and on Black Francis's label
Heavy Cream Super Treatment Infinity Cat ADD garage rock from Inifinity Cat (Jeff the Bro-hood label)
I, A Man You're Boring Us All Shock Records ADD australian guys are kind of mopey.
Is/Is III Guilt Ridden Pop ADD girl rockers get dark and fuzzy
JBM Stray Ashes Western Vinyl ADD 2nd full length, somber and spacey
K-Holes Dismania Hardly Art ADD abrasive. But has saxophone?
Kindness World, You Need A Change of Mind Casablanca ADD revivalist groovy pop tracks
Knife and Fork The Higher You Get the Rarer the Vegetation The Bureau ADD Eric Drew Feldman, on Black Francis's labels
Lightships Electric Cables Domino ADD autoadd. Teenage Fanclub and Belle and Sebastian bassists
Lower Dens Nootropics Ribbon ADD autoadd. Real good
PS I Love You Death Dreams Paper Bag ADD Canadian rockers
Santigold Master of My Make-Believe Atlantic ADD let the MIA/Santigold twitter fight ensue
Slugabed Time Team Ninja Tune ADD groooooves from mothership ninja tune
Squarepusher Ufabulum Warp ADD electronic music champ
V/A Made in Iceland V Iceland Music ADD iceland artists make music. Triangles are so alt.
Violens True  Slumberland ADD RIYL Beach Fossils, then Male Bonding?
All Good Funk Alliance Jacks of all Trades Fort Knox PASS
Alphanaut Little Sun MAD PASS
Attack with Care S/T S/R PASS
Bethany and the Guitar Sparrow Tinderbox PASS
Boom Boom Box, The Until Your Eyes Get Use to the Darkness Kirtland PASS
Bury Me A Line Year of the Lion S/R PASS
Cribs, The In the Belly of the Brazen Bull Wichita PASS
Doug McCurry Romance Like it Was S/R PASS
Enola Fall Introducing S/R PASS
Facts on File EP S/R PASS
Forty Ninteens, The No Expiration Date Heydey PASS
Humans Traps Hybridity PASS
Inner Banks, The Wild Dag! PASS
Larson, Mac She Shot Me Tinderbox PASS
Little Hurricane Homewrecker Unknown Breakthrough PASS
Little, Big Pins and Narwhals S/R PASS
Michelle, Lucy and the Velvet Lapelles Heat Periscope PASS
Neon Legion The Sun S/R PASS
Ryan, Andrew Waiting for Paris Tinderbox PASS
Shark Tape EP S/R PASS
Slowdance EP White Iris PASS
South Side Cindy State of Mind Sour Wine PASS
Tall Dark Stranger There it Is S/R PASS
V/A The Thing that Ate Larry Livermore Adeline PASS
ZZ Ward EP Hollywood PASS

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