12 March 2012

Adds'n'Passes 2012.03.12

Band Album Label Verdict Words
Bear in Heaven I Love You, It's Cool Dead Oceans ADD a plethora of honeycomb and picnic baskets
Bird, Andrew Break It Yourself Mom&Pop ADD autoadd
Ceremony  Zoo Matador ADD autoadd
Jandek Indianopolis Saturday Corwood ADD autoadd
Mind Spiders Meltdown Dirtnap ADD autoadd
Now, Now Threads Trans ADD poppy shoegaze melodies
Poor Moon Illusion Sub Pop ADD fleet foxy bros
Roberts, Luke The Iron Gates at Throop and Newport Thrill Jockey ADD lucas roberts makin fancier tunes
Sioux, Mariee Gift for the End Almost Musique ADD some psych
The Kills The Last Goodbye Domino ADD autoadd
V/A Memoryhouse Mix CD Roughtrade ADD autoadd
VCMG Ssss Mute ADD electro noises from Mute
White Hills Frying on this Rock Thrill Jockey ADD autoadd
Wire The Black Session Redeye ADD autoadd
Zammuto EP Temporary Residence ADD dude from the books
Bains, Lee III & the Glory Fires There is a Bomb in Gilead Alive PASS mmmeerhhhh
Black Shades, The Told Ya So make and model PASS
Bright, Crystal & the Silver Hands Muses & Bones s/r PASS
Daughter The Wild Youth Glassnote PASS
El Grande Music of Alan Grandy s/r PASS
Elan See Us Spin s/r PASS
Essense The Journeyman s/r PASS
Fanfarlo Rooms Filled With Light Atlantic PASS
Fels, Jerry and the Jerry Fels Evil is the Root of All Money Nobodys Favorite PASS
Figure 45 The Open Moment s/r PASS
Forman Day of Delta s/r PASS
Giblythe Lost in Space s/r PASS to Jazz
Imaginary Cities EP s/r PASS
Kuncl, Andy Musik/Dance/Love s/r PASS
Lost in the Trees A Church that Fits its Own Needs Anti- PASS
Miniature Tigers Mia Pharoah Modern Art PASS
Mona S/T Mercury PASS
My Body Sings Electric Changing Color s/r PASS
Nickels, John Not Alone s/r PASS
Peace Mercutio Weather The Storm s/r PASS
Races Year of the Witch Frenchkiss PASS
Rhys, Arn Chapel of the Fool s/r PASS
Rickman, Eliza O, You Sinners s/r PASS
Rosen, Nick Violet Porter PASS
Say Anything Anarchy, My Dear Equal Vision PASS
Seventeen Evergreen Steady On, Scientist Lucky Number PASS
Sunshone Still The Way the World Dies Potato Eater PASS
Vertacyn Arc Materializer That's a Negative on The Leapfrog 10 GeV PASS
Votolato, Rocky Television of Saints Undertow PASS

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