10 February 2012

The Rock Marathon Is Coming!!

WTJU Rock's 2012 Fundraising Marathon starts on Monday, Feb. 13. And there is much rejoicing!

Listeners will be treated to a week full-to-bursting with special radio tributes (covering everything from Dubstep to the career of John Lennon to classic soul music), specialty programs (check out the weeknight slots devoted to music from past decades), and live in-studio performances from standout regional bands (Borrowed Beams of Light, Mountains, Girl Choir, Fire Tapes and Corsair). You'll want to super glue your dial to 91.1 FM and wtju.net all week long -- the 2012 WTJU Rock Marathon is slated to be a music lover's aural paradise.

And if you want to get ahead of the curve, click here to donate to WTJU's Rock Marathon (Go left and hit the "Support WTJU" button)

Because that is what the WTJU Rock Marathon is all about - raising money so that the Sound Choice in Central Virginia can continue to be Virginia's non-commercial, non-formatted radio alternative for not only rock music, but Classical, Folk, Blues, Jazz, Country, World Music and all of the sounds in between.

During the marathon, your humble Radio Wowsville hosts will participate in a bevy of noteworthy shows:

The 1962 Show (Monday, Feb. 13 at 7 p.m.)
Join Colin "Brother Breakdown" Powell as he teams with fellow DJs B-Side and Hummingbird Feeder for two hours devoted to a very underrated year in rock history. Find out the facts about the Duke of Earl (pictured: Gene Chandler), learn how to do the Locomotion and develop a craving for "Green Onions." Your time machine awaits.

I Wanna Testify: Detroit Soul and R&B (Thursday, Feb. 16 at noon)
The b-side counterpoint to Ann Porotti's highly-anticipated Motown Show (which is slated for 9 a.m. on Thursday), Brother Breakdown will tell you all about the other side of the Detroit soul and funk experience - and that includes George Clinton's groundbreaking work with the Parliaments (pictured) and Funkadelic.

The Beach Boys and "Smile." (Sunday, Feb. 19 at noon)
In 1966, Brian Wilson produced what he called “a teenage symphony to God.” It became the most famous “lost” album in rock ‘n’ roll history. Last year, Capitol Records finally released those legendary sessions, provoking a new appreciation for the work that Wilson conceived 45 years ago with cohort Van Dyke Parks and his often-confused (but always sweet-sounding) band. Join Don Harrison and Dominic DeVito as they pay tribute to “Smile” and all of the incredible "Good Vibrations" that (despite an official non-release) Wilson's masterwork has commanded over the years.

The Virginia Funk and Soul Spectacular (Sunday, Feb. 19 at 2 p.m.)
Do you know about Richmond's Little Tommy? How about Hampton's the Deceptions (pictured)? Does the mention of Sir Guy (from Norfolk) make you move like a chicken? It really doesn’t matter because the Virginia Funk and Soul Spectacular is going to bring you in step with the Old Dominion’s great indigenous funk vamps and mournful soul ballads –- classic cuts by Mr. Wiggles, Lenis Guess, the Soul Duo and many more ear-bending artists from the ‘60s and ‘70s. It’s the show that will make you ask: “What? That was from Virginia??!!” So don’t touch that dial, Prof. Hackenbush – get with Colin and Don as they are joined by the Scorpio Brothers (orignators of the great Funky Virginia blog) and
"Ol' Virginia Soul" impressario Brent Hosier, to put some hometown pep in your step and some regional glide in your stride.

The Disco 12-Inch Exhibition (Sunday, Feb. 19 at 7 p.m.)
The 12-inch record has wider spacing between the grooves than a regular vinyl album does and is often played at 45-RPM. The invention of the 12-inch came about as an accident during the Disco era but what happened next was no accident. Join Don Harrison and the Radio Wowsville Stylus Stylists as they not only recount the history of the 12-inch single – its influence and dance club experimenters – but compel you to shake your body to the best disco dance sounds of the mid-to-late ‘70s, everything from the Jacksons to Donna Summer and Sylvester to lesser known wonders such as Gary Toms Empire and the Michael Zager Band. Mirror balls and afro wigs are optional. Booty shaking is assured.

The Classic Crock Show (Sunday, Feb. 19 at 11 p.m.)
OK, so here’s the deal: Every so often, we allow this half-delusional laid-off classic rock DJ named Don Arlo two hours of airtime (usually during the Radio Wowsville timeslot) to “really rock the place” with playlists filled with the likes of Rush, Blue Oyster Cult, Heart, Steve Miller Band (pictured) and the Guess Who. Why do we do this? Well, Don Arlo’s specialty is playing the “deep cuts” – the stuff you rarely hear on the commercial classic rock stations. Hmmm... maybe that was why he was laid off. And maybe that’s why he’s so perfect for WTJU. So get the Led out and make that call. Support community radio while you still can. There is unrest in the forest, and there is trouble with the trees (FYI: the maples want more sunlight and the oaks ignore their pleas).

See the full schedule and check out more marathon information by clicking right here.

And you can listen live by hitting this link!

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