29 February 2012

Adds'n'Passes 2012.02.29

Band Album Label Verdict Words
Ava Luna Ice Level Infinite Best ADD weirdo prog rock/jazz/R&B stuff.. Someone might want it.
Behold the Profit S/T Lowatt ADD droppin' big names.. Flying Lotus, Caribou, RJD2 etc.
Black to Comm Earth (Soundtrack) De Stijl ADD autoadd
Delta Spirit S/T Rounder ADD autoadd
Dirty Dishes The Most Tarnished Birds S/R ADD autoadd
Eux Autres Sun is Sunk Bon Mots ADD steve malkmus' ex-girlfriend and some dudes make tunes
Fields, Lee Faithful Man Truth and Soul ADD ol' Lee Fields, y'all!
Funk Ark, The High Noon ESL ADD DC funk collective, groovy
Hunx Hairdresser Blues Hardly Art ADD autoadd
Magnetic Fields, The Love at the Bottom of the Sea Merge ADD autoadd
Nite Jewel One Second of Love Secretly Canadian ADD autoadd
Pond Beard, Wives, Denim Modular ADD members of Tame Impala, Australia psych-rockers' debut LP
Sleigh Bells Reign of Terror Mom + Pop ADD autoadd
TOPS Tender Opposites Arbutus ADD montreal 4-piece concocts some vintage-tinged spring jams
V/A Mint Records Sampler Mint ADD 20 years of Canadian Indie Rock
Admiral Fallow Squealing Pigs S/R PASS
Beyond Conception Flow Tinderbox PASS
Caravan of Thieves The Funhouse UFO PASS to Folk
Concept, The Gimme Twice EP S/R PASS
Dead Ships, The Electric Ahab S/R PASS
Duologue A-B Wild Game PASS
Hadwynn Monuments EP Lucas Gambit PASS
Herzog Cartoon Violence Exit Stage Right PASS
Italian Japanese S/T Tinderbox PASS
jonRamsey Everything's for Sale S/R PASS
Kay, Nila Serial Love Tinderbox PASS
Kelly, Paul The A to Z Recordings One Louder PASS
neyBuzz, The Rebellion S/R PASS
Oberhofer Time Capsules II Glassnote PASS
Panic Years The Month's Mind Tinderbox PASS
Pink Floyd The Wall (Immersion Edition) Capitol PASS
Ramblin' Ambassadors, The Ramble On Mint PASS
Scan Hopper Scan Hopper 2 S/R PASS
Secret Music S/T Black Bell PASS
Shining Twins, The Cum Play with Us Hall of  PASS
Spoek Mathambo Father Creeper Sub Pop PASS
Stereo Crowd The Urban Alternative S/R PASS
Stevens, Ted Sally's Alright S/R PASS
Throat Sprockets  Methadone Picnic Cat Sandwich PASS
Tribecastan New Deli Evergreen PASS to World
Tulipomania The Whispering Campaign S/R PASS
Voltaire Twins Romulus EP S/R PASS
White Rabbits Milk Famous TBD PASS
Wilson, Jack S/T Fluff & Gravy PASS
ZZ Ward Eleven Roses S/R PASS

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