05 December 2011


Band Album Label Verdict Words
Blue Jean Tyranny Detours Unseen Worlds PASS to The Listening Room
Gallagher, Noel High Flying Birds Mercury PASS can't fight the feeeeeeliiiiiiing, on the ceiiiiiliiingg
Ghost to Falco Exotic Believers S/R PASS all over the place in a not very good way
Husband Husband S/R PASS anthemic stuff, in the image of The National
I, A Man Fifteen Thirty Three EP S/R PASS passtacular
Jandek Seattle Friday Corwood ADD live jandekjandekjandekjandek from 2006. who is singing?
Jones, KB Honey on the Side S/R PASS pretty weak hip hop
Looping Jaw Harp Orchestra Universal Language Austro Mechana PASS to Jazzmatazz
Margate Rock 'n Roll Reserve Room 57 PASS still upset about middle school gym class
Plastic Flowers Strange Nieghbors Wierd  ADD darkish synths, blippidy blops, and bleepidy bloops.
Psychic Ills Hazed Dream Sacred Bones ADD good jams from well-curated Sacred Bones
RainrShine Retro S/R PASS sittin at the baarrrrrr-arrr-arrrrr-rrrr.
Social Beat, The Legends S/R PASS "feel like I'm listening to a Sting record from 1989"
V/A Minnesota Beatle Project Vol. 3 Vega ADD some cool Minnesota artists covering Beatles tracks
Watson, Chris El Tren Fantasma Touch ADD cool British wildlife sound recordist does train in Mexico

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