14 November 2011

hey, more newness! 

Band Album Label Verdict Words
Beaten by Them People Start Listening Logicpole ADD weirdo quintet doin instrumental/electronic thangs
Brief Candles Fractured Days Guilt Ridden Pop ADD early 90's mode, good despite horrendous press description
Carolee EP1 12XU ADD vinyl!
Caveman CoCo Beware Magic Man ADD Grizzly Bear, Dodos wannabe, but successful enough
Cherri Bomb Stark Hollywood PASS
Del Ray, Lana Video Games Single Interscope ADD ohhhh Lizzy Grant.
Edwards, Kathleen Voyageur Zoe PASS
Ex Norwegian Sketch s/r PASS
Franklin, Ian Step by Step s/r PASS
Halvorson, Mary and Pavone, Jessica Departure of Reason Thirsty Ear ADD instrumentalist chicks, moody cello and violin and whatnot
Huxster s/t s/r PASS
Justice s/t Ed Banger ADD with scathing indifference
Keets, Jensen s/t s/r PASS
Nils Petter Molvaer Baboon Moon Thirsty Ear PASS
Raleigh Moncrief Watered Lawn Anticon. ADD bizarre love child of animal collective and Why?
Sea Rhapsody s/t s/r PASS
Shaw, Andy Band, The Own Resolve EP s/r PASS
Sigur Ros Inni XL ADD autoadd. live album from before the hiatus
Summer Camp Welcome to Condale Moshi Moshi PASS
Thee Oh Sees Carrion Crawler/The Dream EP In The Red ADD autoadd
Thornes, Antoinette Michael Issues s/r PASS
Trailer Trash Tracys Wish You Were Red/Engelhardt's Arizona Domino ADD retro chicks 
Twin Atlantic Free Red Bull PASS
Ward, Greg Phonic Juggernaut Thirsty Ear PASS
Wishnefsky Padded Sell Collection s/r PASS

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