07 November 2011

Adds'n'Passes 2011.11.07

It's Monday, which means we had rock hours.  Check out what made the cut:

Band Album Label Verdict Words
Acerbo, Mike The Search S/R PASS
Ambrosia, Michael The Way We See S/R PASS
Ashtar Command American Sunshine Obey ADD expansive, poppy, organic
Atlas Sound Parallax 4AD ADD autoadd, 3rd LP from Bradford Cox
Brite Futures Dark Past Turnout PASS
Built Like Alaska In Troubled Times Future Farmer PASS
Canyons Keep Your Dreams Modular ADD barely categorizical decade-blending tropo-psych nu-disco
Childish Gambino Camp Glassnote ADD honestly it's pretty mediocre. D-GLUV IN THE HOUSE
Do, The Both Ways Open Jaws Six Degrees ADD poppy and good
Electric Touch Don't Stop EP IDJ PASS
Falcon, Adam Bohemian 959 Ghetto Drum PASS
Feist Metals Cherrytree ADD autoadd.
Grubstake Anyhow Paddy Wax PASS
Hawthorne, Mayer How Do You Do Universal Republic ADD successful sticky sweet sensual soul-sounds
Illuminati Congo All Eye See Nyah Banga PASS
Jigsaw Seen, The Winterland Vibro-phonic PASS
Joker  The Vision 4AD ADD 5 years of work, lots of collabs, solid.
Logical Drift EP CineVu PASS
Lynch, David Crazy Clown Time   Pias ADD what a weirdo.  
Malamondos, The Diabolik Sonik S/R ADD assorted lo-fi garagey punk jams
Mandala The Visitation S/R PASS
Meyer, Yael Everything Will Be Alright S/R PASS
Nero Me And You EP MTA PASS
Object Tomorrowland s/r PASS
O'Connor, Jennifer I Want What You Want Kiam ADD after a bunch of odd-jobs, the album's here!
Oh No Not Stereo In Case of Stares Use Fire S/R PASS
Pterodactyl Spills Out Brah ADD autoadd, brooklyn noise-punkers get into some pop
Said the Whale New Brighton EP Hidden Pony PASS
Seventeen Evergreen Psyentist EP Lucky Number PASS
The Highways S/T S/R PASS
Threads of Scarlet Katharsis S/R PASS
Trews, The Hope & Run Bumstead PASS
Williamsboy Analog Working Dog PASS

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