31 October 2011

Halloween Adds'n'Passes 10/31/2011

what's a mummie's favorite genre of music?    wrap!

Band Album Label Verdict Words
Amador Adanowsky Everloving PASS
Audio Martyr Love & Hate EP Aeffect PASS
Beach Boys, The The Smile Sessions Capitol ADD autoadd, the real kings of the beach.
Brown, Garrett J.  Priorities s/r PASS
Caeser Pink & The Imperial Orgy Four Legs Good Two Legs Baaad s/r PASS
Cosmic Suckerpunch Good Morning My Inner Animal PASS
Crow, Rob He Thinks He's Peopl Temporary Residence PASS
Davis, J. Trio Vintage Yo Yo Smuggler ADD sometimes will smith-status flow, but live hip hop acts command respect
Death Letters Post-Historic Silent Voice PASS
Dirty Projectors & Bjork Mount Wittenberg Orca Domino ADD autoadd, a-listers.
Firetruck EP s/r PASS
First Aid Kit The Lion's Roar Wichita PASS
Hale, Ed and the Transcendence All Your Heroes Become Villains Dying Van Gogh PASS
Higher State, The Freakout at the Gallery 13 o'clock PASS
Honest Haloway The Towns s/r PASS
Hops, The Won't It Be Fun s/r PASS
Korallreven An Album by Korallreven Acephale ADD first full release, woozy swedish wonderland
Last Charge of the Light Horse Curve s/r PASS
Lower 48, The Where All Maps End s/r PASS
Masi, Jason Life is Wonderful s/r PASS
McCombs, Cass Humor Risk Domino ADD autoadd, cassafras is back.
Natalie, Samantha A Great Wall s/r PASS
Oberhofer Gotta Go/Mahwun 7" White Iris ADD add vinyl, but these guys had a decent EP last year.
Oh No No Uh Oh Fishbowl PASS
Owen Ghost Town Polyvinyl ADD pleasant indie folk pop, produced by iron & wine
Peggy Sue Acrobats Yep Roc ADD in the mode of Warpaint, Wild Flag, a little more dark soul + groove
Pert Near Sandstone Paradise Hop s/r PASS
Prefab Messiahs, The Peace Love & Alienation Fixed Identity ADD early 80's garage psych punk w/ a hint of 8-bit bleepy bloops
Pretty Hank Hang In There! s/r PASS
Root Glen EP s/r PASS
Sicman EP s/r PASS
Ski Lodge A Game Chandeliers EP Dovecote ADD Beach Fossils/Vampire Weekend lovechild, light and catchy.
Steely James Free Speech Experiment s/r PASS
Touch People Sound Expression Illegal Art ADD weirdo electronic, all over the place, interesting.
Wavves Life Sux EP Ghost Ramp ADD autoadd, debatable quality.
Wise Blood These Wings Dovecote ADD warpy pop, sample-ey and soulful, unique and good.
yMusic Beautiful Mechanical New Amsterdam PASS
Zun Zun Egui Katang Yep Roc PASS
Zwig, Adam Visions of the Shimmering Night Conscious PASS

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