24 October 2011

Adds'n'Passes 10/24/11

It's Monday, which means we had rock hours.  Check out what made the cut:

Band Album Label Verdict Words
Bees, The  Every Steps A Yes ATO ADD 60's feeling indie psych rock
Beets, The Let the Poison Out Hardly Art ADD enjoyable garagey lo-fi pop bits n such
Biomass Energy s/r PASS
Boekbinder, Zoe Darling Specimens Extropian ADD quirky female singer songwriter, a la St. Vincent, Mira, 
Bombay Bicycle Club A Different Kind of Fix Island ADD interestingly arranged rock
Cruddy Negative World 12" 12xu ADD Austin trio, hard punk rawkin
Deep Dark Woods, The The Place I Left Behind Sugar Hill PASS
Dntel Life is Full of Possibilities Sub Pop ADD autoadd, rerelease (whyy?) from Sub Pop.
Ericksons, The Don't Be Scared, Don't Be Alarmed s/r PASS
Ferraro, James Far Side Virtual Hippos in Tanks ADD weirdo electro. "sounds like a 1987 high school graduation soundtrack"
J.O.B., The Messenger s/r PASS
LaZae Self Help EP Sweet Spot PASS
Revolving One Love or Another Kind of Hunger s/r PASS
Spectrals Bad Penny Slumberland ADD vintage-lilting pop soul garage doo-wop
Strange Boys Live Music Rough Trade ADD modern weirdo garagey roadhouse blues rock
Thunderegg Line Line s/r ADD full-band pop rock from NY, recorded in Richmond.  
Viva Voce The Future Will Destroy You Vanguard ADD sounds different from earlier stuff, nicer/sweeter.

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