27 September 2010

Radio Wowsville 9/26/10: The Return of the Gnomes

In a desperate attempt to market our new 2010-11 slogan ("Radio Wowsville: We've Been Doin' This Crap For Years"TM), the second half of this broadcast was a rebroadcast of the first half of the classic (OK, well-regarded) Nov. 12, 2006 Radio Wowsville Broadcast called "Clearing a Path For the Gnomes."

The episode was co-hosted by Tyler "Grandpa Coles" Magill, and was favorably-reviewed by the Culpeper Curried-Crumpet at the time: "If you like gnomes, try this one."

OK, OK, beyond the new slogan, why would we re-run a sizable chunk of this nearly four-year-old broadcast? You might ask that. Well, one reason is that it's a rare one (the other reason is that it features gnomes). The broadcast archive of Wowsville Enterprises was believed to have "lost" it at the beach house a few seasons ago. Thankfully The "Gnomes" episode was recently found in the hall closet underneath a pile of Country Music Roundups and some jerky wrappers. Good going, search team!

Find out for yourself what aural pleasure really means! You can hear a web stream of this show, and other fine past WTJU shows, by clicking right here.

1. "Blue From Now On" - The Jayhawks - Mystery Demos / Tomorrow the Green Grass
2. "Our Time" - Wire -
Read & Burn '03
3. "My New Love" - Eternal Triangle -
The History of Vancouver Rock 'n' Roll Vol. 4
4. "Fools" - The Dodos -
5. "Gatorade" - Heavy Trash -
Heavy Trash
6. "Tinger Hnfur" - Brian Jonestown Massacre -
Sgt. Pepper is Dead
7. "I'd Rather Go To Jail" - Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels -
Sock It To Me
8. "Miss Dog Miss Me" - David Greenberger & 3 Leg Torso -
Whispers, Grins, Bloodloss...
9. "Looking For The Magic" - Dwight Twilley Band -
Twilley Don't Mind
10. "2-4-6-8" - Jackson Five - ABC
11. "I'm Backwards" [Wowsville remix]- People Like Us -
Live at Christian Marclay's
12. "An Introduction" - Dirt Dress -
Perdido en la Suciedad
13. "Radio Activity" - RoyalCash - Sutra 12"
14.. "I'm Waiting" - Lindsay Buckingham - Under The Skin
15.. "Talk Over" - Cabaret Voltaire -
Living Legends
16. "The Race Is On" - Yo La Tengo - I
'm Not Afraid of You...
17. "Contrast Beneath the Surface" - Trenchmouth -
The Broadcasting System
18. "The Animal World" - Grandaddy -
Just Like the Fambly Cat
19. "Lay in Love" - Bonnie Prince Billy -
The Letting Go
20. "There Are Eyes Above" - Josephine Foster -
There Are Eyes Above
21. "King Eternal" - TV On the Radio - D
esperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes
22. "Mean Old World" - Heavenly Gospel Singers -
Anthology of American Folk Music Vol. 3
23. "Gone To Stay" - Freakwater -
Old Paint
24. "Fancy" - The Kinks -
Face to Face
25. "Some Velvet Morning" - Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra -
Fairy Tales and Fantasies
26. "The Laughing Gnome" - David Bowie
27. "The Gnome" - Pink Floyd -
Piper at the Gates of Dawn
28. "Teeny Tiny Gnome" - The Monkees -
Missing Links Vol. 1
29. "Silver Gum Drop Tree" - John Frogg - Le Grand single

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Every Sunday night at 11PM on WTJU 91.1 FM.

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