06 September 2010

Madame Psychosis Hour, special upcoming shows edition -- 1-3am, Sep 6th

with so many exciting shows coming up in the next week, I thought I'd take the opportunity to highlight a few of the artists who will be playing in Charlottesville soon:

Greg Davis
- "Archer" - Somnia (2004)
Nacht Plank - "Carhaix" (Greg Davis remix) - Lost and Damaged (2003)
Greg Davis - "Custom Made Mobile" - Precursors 7" (2003)
Greg Davis - "Doras" - Grounded Sound compilation (2003)
Chris Weisman and Greg Davis - "It's All Too Much" - Northern Songs (2009)
(talkover) Greg Davis - "Clouds as Edges" (edit) - Clouds as Edges 7" (2001)

Town & Country - "I am So Very Cold" - C'Mon (2001)
Bird Show - "Less of Everything" - Ambient Not Not Ambient compilation (2006)
Town & Country - "That Old Feeling" - It All Has to Do with It (2000)
-----> Dictation Disc - Short-Hand Dictation For Speed Building
Town & Country 
- "King of Portugal" - Up Above (2006)

Greg Davis and Ben Vida (of Town&Country, aka Bird Show) are playing at the Tea Bazaar on Sunday, September 12th!

Jim O'Rourke - "Therefore, I am" - Insignificance (2001)
Great Dads - "Pray to Your Ritches" s/t cassette (2009)
Invisible Hand - "I Want to Win" - Sinister Hand cassette (2010) [NEW]
Invisible Hand is playing a WTJU-sponsored show with War on Drugs at the Tea Bazaar on Tuesday, Sep. 7th, and Adam Smith's side-project Great Dads are playing an after-party for the Dungen show at the Tea Bazaar at Midnight on September 10th!

Marissa Nadler - "Clowne Towne" - Xiu Xiu covers & remixes (2007)
Marissa Nadler - "Virginia" - Ballads of Living and Dying (2004)
Xasthur (feat. Marissa Nadler!) - "the Abyss Holds the Mirror" - the Portal of Sorrow (2010)
Marissa Nadler is playing with Sharon Van Etton at the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar on Thursday, September 9th!

Dungen - "Du Ska Inte Tro Att Det Ordnar" - Tio Bitar (2007)
the Young Sinclairs - "Didn't You Baby" - Chimneys [NEW]
Dungen are playing a WTJU-sponsored show at The Jefferson on Friday, September 10th, and the Young Sinclairs are opening for them!

Roberto Cacciapaglia - "My Time" - the Ann Steel album (1979)
Martin Denny - "Hawaiian War Chant" - Quiet Village (1959)
Joe Henderson - "Snap Your Fingers" (1962)
(talkover) Tomita - "Golliwog's Cakewalk — Children's Corner, No. 6" - Snowflakes are Dancing (1974)
Greg Davis - "Air" - Curling Pond Woods (2004)

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