13 July 2010

Madame Psychosis Hour, 1-3am, July 12th

this was my first show after hearing the good news at the public hearing on July 12th, at which it was declared that Burr Beard's plan is NOT going into effect, and that the Office of Public Affairs is willing to forge a new plan for the station that takes into account the desires of the volunteers and the public; spirits were high, and I was joined in the studio by DJ Buttermilk. Many thanks to those who called in; here's what we played:

Selda - "Meydan Sizindir" (1976)
Attempt - "Popcorn" (2010)
Charanjit Singh - "Raga Madhuvanti" (1982)
Carly Simon - "Nobody Does it Better" (1977)
the Sea and Cake - "the Biz" (1995)
Chris Corsano - "Kittenish Gnawing, pt 1" (2008)
Captain Beefheart - "I Love You, You Big Dummy"
Max Roach - "Conversation" (1958)
Magazine - "I Love You, You Big Dummy"

Bauhaus - "Stigmata Martyr" (1980)
the Shaggs - "That Little Sports Car" (1969)
Cookie Monster and the Count - "If I Knew You Were Coming I'd've Baked a Cake" (1973)
Bo Diddley - "Who Do You Love" (1956)
Roy Orbison - "Only the Lonely" (1960)

Emeralds - "Genetic" (2010)
Funkstörung - "Funkstille" (1997)
Visit Venus - "Children of the Rave Solution" (visited by Funkstörung) (1999)
-----> JRR Tolkein's "the Hobbit" (Rankin/Bass Animation) (1977)
Skullflower - "Pipe Dream" (1994)
Paul Plaherty & Bill Nace - "Buried at Heart" (2007)
-----> TS Eliot - "Four Quartets" (1945)
Wooden Shjips - "Loose Lips" (2010) [NEW]
Deuter - "der Turm" (1971) [NEW]
Experimental Products - "Another Green World" (1985)

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