15 July 2010

Aunt Beast's Radio Theatre, 7/14/2010

"Hey There Little Insect" - 14 - Jonathan Richman
"Slighted" - Mirah [That Old Days Feeling]
"Bag of Hammers" - Thao Nguyen
"The Go Getter" - The Black Keys*
"Photos of Sad Brokers" - Drunk Tigers
"Care of Cell 44" - The Zombies
"Faut-il que je t'aime" - France Gall
"Tailor" - Julie Doiron
"When I'm Small" - Phantogram
"Odessa" - Caribou
"We Bought the Flood" - The Books*
"[Title]" - High Places*
"The Moon Asked the Crow" - Coco Rosie [Grey Oceans]
"Balkan Lowrider Anthem" - Alaska in Winter
"Heart To Tell" - The Love Language
"Bo Diddley" - Angelo Spencer
"She's Like A Rainbow" - The Rolling Stones
"Now Now" - St. Vincent
"Doubt/Hope" - Wildbirds and Peacedrums
"Hatari" - Tune-Yards
"Yolanda" - Ambrose Campbell
"Summer Crane" - The Avalanches
"Purple Bottle" - Animal Collective [Feels]
"Bachelorette" - Bjork
"Musta Kartu" - Paavoharju
"Drown" - Silje Nes [Ames Room]
"Kuula" - Lau Nau

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