06 May 2010

nowhere near playlist 5.5.10

"This Summer's Been Good From The Start" {Euros Childs} - Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - The Blue Trees [Mantra: 2000]
"Exeter, Rhode Island" {Jennifer O'Connor} - Jennifer O'Connor - Over The Mountain Across The Valley And Back To The Stars [Matador: 2006]
"Eclectrocution" {Bill Fox} - Nada Surf - If I Had A Hi-Fi [Mardev: NEW]
"History As Planned" {Kendall Meade} - Mascott - Follow The Sound [Le Grand Magistery: 2000]

"Teach Me Sweetheart" {Eleanor Friedberger, Matthew Friedberger} - The Fiery Furnaces - Bitter Tea [Fat Possum: 2006]
"Praise For The Economie" {Adam Busch} - Manishevitz - Grammar Bell And The All Fall Down [Jagjaguwar: 1999]
"Idiocy" {The Double} - The Double - Loose In The Air [Matador: 2005]
"Queen Of Languages" {Dan Bejar} - Destroyer - Thief [Catsup Plate: 1999]
"In The Reeds" {Noel Kupersmith, Doug McCombs} - Brokeback - Looks At The Bird [Thrill Jockey: 2002]

"Eye Of The Storm" {Damon & Naomi} - Damon & Naomi - Playback Singers [Sub Pop: 1998]
"Bridge Of Smoke" {Last Days Of May} - Last Days Of May - Inner System Blues [Squealer: 2003]
"Don't Bother Me" {George Brigman} - George Brigman - Jungle Rot [Solid: 1975]

"Slug Song" {David Kilgour, Hamish Kilgour, Robert Scott} - The Clean - Anthology [Merge: 2003]
"Girls Of Summer" {Arab Strap} - Arab Strap - Singles [Bandai: 1999]
"Alone (I Love You)" {The Year Of} - The Year Of - Slow Days [Morr Music: 2006]
"Little Things" {Ida} - Ida - I Know About You [Simple Machines: 1996]
"Whatever You Need" {John Andrew Frederick} - The Black Watch - Amphetamines [Zero Hour: 1994]

"Nostalgia's No Excuse" {Chris Knox} - Portastatic - Stroke comp. [Merge: NEW]
"Hot Cake" {Mark E. Smith, Dave Spurr} - The Fall - Your Future Our Clutter [Domino: NEW]
"The Fists In The Pockets" {David Christian} - Comet Gain - City Fallen Leaves [Kill Rock Stars: 2005]
"Odessa" {Flin Flon} - Flin Flon - A-OK [Teenbeat: 1998]
"Wet Cigarette" {Metropolitan} - Metropolitan - Down For You Is Up [Crank Automotive: 2002]

"Martyr's Tune" {Kendall Meade} - Mascott - Dreamer's Book [Red Panda: 2004]
"Friend Of JC" {Mary Timony, Devin Ocampo} - Mary Timony - Ex Hex [Lookout: 2005]

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