14 April 2010

north cacka lacka rocke volume 1! (marathon edition)

had a blast playing these tunes olde and new...hoping to get a chance to do volume 2 next year...thanks to courtney for tunes and assistance...likewise to everybody who stopped by, hung out and called in.
tune in next week when courtney mans the wheel and brings out her 'golden age of hip hop show'...i will attempt to be an able copilot.

in a sidenote, i was stoked to find out that some friends were rocking this show from cambodia...local radio rules!

Pageant Square" - Kingsbury Manx - The Overcoat Recordings
"Every Word Means No" - Let's active - Ep [Vinyl]
"hurricane warning, ignored/instrumental" - Portastatic - The Nature Of Sap
"Gravel Truck/Crows On Phone Line" - Let's Active - Cypress [Vinyl]
"Amplifier" - Db's - Repercussion [Vinyl]
"American Flag" - Cat Power - Moon Pix
"Binoculars" - Fetchin' Bones - Galaxy 500 [Vinyl]
"1,000,000" - R.E.M. - Ep [Vinyl]
"10 Million Summers" - Johnny Quest - 10 Million Summers
"Outer Banks, Inner Peace" - Drunk Tigers - 3 Song Ep
"Bantam Rooster" - Andrew Bird's Bowl Of Fire - Bowl Of Fire
"Step Into The Light" - Archers Of Loaf - Vee Vee
"Mutes In The Steeple" - Archers Of Loaf - Speed Of Cattle
"Africa" - John coltrane - Best Of [Vinyl]
"Brother" - The Annuals - Be He Me
"Hot Night Hounds" - The Annuals - Such Fun
"Lord Jazz" - Lords Of The Underground - Here Come The Lords
"Beautiful Morning" - Little Brother - The Minstrel Show
"A Little Sugar In My Bowl" - Nina Simone - The Tomato Collection [Request For Big Zak!]
"Go To Sleep" - The Avett Bros. - Emotionalism
"Black And White" - The Db's - Stands For Decibles [Vinyl]
"Get A Gun" - The Connells - One Simple Word [Vinyl]
"Dexter's Lament" - Flat Duo Jets - Safari
"Every Holy Shroud" - Polvo - Celebrate The New Dark Age
"Watering Pail" - Sunfold - Wet Zoo Ep
"Dogwood" - Richard Buckner - Old Enough 2 Know Better Merge Comp
"Hurricane" - Crooked Fingers - Ibid
"So Long Savannah" - Eric Bachmann - To The Races [Vinyl]
"Pelz Komet" - Kingsbury Manx - Aztec Discipline
"Baby" - Portastatic - De Mel, De Melao
Wed, Apr 07, 2010: "Ye Olde Tuesday Night Rocke Show" [23:00 - 01:00, Dave Moore

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