10 March 2010

ye olde tuesday night rocke show (springtheme edition)

spent a little time in the new bin this week and felt like a better man for it...a fun set for the seasonal shift, with a hint of sadness for the sad passing of mark linkous. r.i.p., sir.
jams were as follows:

"We Took Pelham" - Deadly Avenger - Santy Klaus Mix
"Return From Silence/Dream Get Together" - Citay - Dream Get Together [New]
"I Recognized Her" - Outrageous Cherry - Universal Malcontents
"Heavy Krishna/ Bone Jam" - Jeff The Brotherhood - Heavy Days [New]
"Mystery Zone" - Spoon - Transference [New]
"Big Jilm/Springtheme" - Ween - Pure Guava
"Secret Breakfast" - Citay - Dream Get Together [New/Talkover]
"Horchata/California English" - Vampire Weekend - Contra [New]
"Gumboots" - Paul Simon - Graceland
"5 Years Time" - Noah And The Whale - Santy Klaws Mix
"Rolling Sea" - Vetiver - Tight Knit
"The Seasons Reverse" - Gastr Del Sol - Camoufleur
"The Smile" - David Axelrod - The Present Soundtrack [New]
"The Sparrow Looks Up At The Machine" - The Flaming Lips - Embyonic
"Rewind" - Borrowed Beams Of Light - S/T [New/Local]
"Match Game" - Otis Redding - The Definitive O.R.
"Beggin' (pilooski remix)" - Frankie Valli And The 4 Seasons - Santy klaus mix
"My Man Is A Mean Man" - Sharon Jones And The Dap Kings - Naturally
"I Confess" - The English Beat - Special Beat Service [Vinyl]
"Forgiveness" - Home - Gulfborewaltz
"Sad And Beautiful World" - Sparklehorse
"Dear Old Greenland" - Andrew Bird - The Swimming Hour
"Hunter" - Citay - Dream Get Together [New]
"Tony Told Me" - Shudder To Think - Ten Spot
"Aladdin's Story" - Death In Vegas - The Contino Sessions
"You Little Trooper" - Hint - Portakabin Fever [Vinyl]

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