30 March 2010

nowhere near playlist 3.24.10 (with special guests we are star children)

third week in a row with a special guest! this time around, four members of c-ville's own we are star children (formerly known as straight punch to the crotch) stopped by to talk about their upcoming shows at the blue moon diner and the bridge progressive arts initiative, plus to play a couple of tracks from their in-progress EP that they're recording and mixing out at monkeyclaus studio in nelson county. it was a lot of fun to have gene, zach, aly, and katie back to my show.

"Tajdaj Ondoj" - Robert A.A. Lowe & Rose Lazar - Eclipses [Thrill Jockey: 2010]
"I've Been Lonely For So Long" - Frederick Knight - I've Been Lonely For So Long [Stax: 1973]
"This Unfolds" - Four Tet - There Is Love In You [Domino: NEW]

"City Saints" - We Are Star Children [NEW]
"Switch It" - We Are Star Children [NEW]

"The Bad Catholic" - Black Lipstick - Sincerely [Peek-A-Boo: 2005]
"A Grand Love Theme" - Kid Loco - A Grand Love Story [Yellow Productions: 1998]
"Kinsiona" - Franco & Le TPOK Jazz - Francophonic Vol. 1 1953-1980 [Stern's: 2008]
"Grass" - The Pretty Things - Parachute [Harvest: 1970]

"Wild Life" - Howlin' Rain - Wild Life [Three Lobed: 2009]
"It Isn't Nice" - Barbara Dane And The Chambers Brothers - Barbara Dane And The Chambers Brothers [DBK Works: 2005]

"Istemem" - Erkin Koray - Love Peace & Poetry - Asian Psychedelic Music comp. [Normal: 1999]
"In Perfect Time" - The Sun - Don't Let Your Baby Have All The Fun [Rock Proper: 2009]
"Mohunga" - AKA Pygmies - Pierre-Laurent Aimard/AKA Pygmies: African Rhythms [Teldec: 2003]
"Hope" - Dirty Three - Horse Stories [Touch And Go: 1996]
"Swim" - Surfer Blood - Astro Coast [Kanine: 2010]

"The Blue Nile" - Alice Coltrane - Ptah The El Daoud [Impulse: 1970]

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