03 February 2010

ye olde tuesday night rocke show (weenie snow edition)

some rocke for a snowy tuesday evening...just a wee dusting before we are all buried beneath 18 feet of snow this weekend...

got into some stuff from the new drawer, with a healthy mix o' this and that:

"Her Story/His Story" - Shiloh - ep
"Kenneth- What's The Frequency?/Not Because You Can" - Game Theory - Lolita Nation
"Isle Of The Cheetah" - Hum - Downward Is Heavenward
"Blood Bank" - Bon Iver - Blood Bank Ep
"Bracket Wi." - Bon Iver - Dark Was The Night Comp.
"Whole Lotta Losin'" - Monsters Of Folk - S/T
"Slow Down Jo" - M.O.F. - Ibid
"Losin yo Head" - Ibid - Ibid
"Rjd2" - iinstrumental...haha - Pmonk Mix
"Got Nuffin'" - Spoon - Transference [New]
"Love Buzz" - Nirvana - Bleach Re-Issue [New]
"Waverly" - Thomas Function - In The Valley Of Sickness [New]
"Beautiful Way" - Beck - Midnight Vultures
"Hang On" - Dr. Dog - Fate
"Slump" - Outkast - Aquemini
"be be be" - mf doom and mad lib - Pmonk Final Transmission
"Up From The South" - Budos Band - Daptone Gold [New]
"Jasper County Man" - Bobby Humphfries - Kings Of Funk [Vinyl]
"California English" - Vampire Weekend - Contra [New]
"Summertime Clothes" - Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavillion
"John, At The Reception" - Borrowed Beams Of Light - S/T [New/Local]
"Family" - Le Loup - Family [New]
"Wolf Like Me" - Tv On The Radio - Ante Mix
"The Sun's Rays" - Menthol - Danger! Rock! Science!
"Beneath The Undertow" - Isotope 217 - The Unstable Molecule [Vinyl/talkover]
"The Royal Scam" - Steely Dan - The Royal Scam

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