25 January 2010

Madame Psychosis Hour, 1-3am, Jan 25th -- Technical Difficulties edition

Well, that was interesting; after a disasterous evening dealing with technical difficulties at work, I barely made it to the station in a massive thunderstorm, discovered that several of my prized vinyl items had become soggy en route -- then started the show on completely the wrong foot, verbally -- and paid the price for it later the storm knocked the power out and the lights / signal kept flickering on&off during the show's entire middle hour. BUT nevertheless, we kept providing excellent rock&etc for your listening enjoyment all the way until 3am. Hope y'all had a good time listening. Here's what we (mostly) heard:

Plaid - "Booc" (1998)
Yellow Magic Orchestra - "Day Tripper" (1979)
Shonen Knife - "Rain" (1991)
Cub - "Surfer Girl" (1994)
Heavenly - "Wrap My Arms Around Him" (1990)
the Velvet Underground - "Hey Mr Rain" (1968)

Broadcast - "Goodbye Girls" (2005)
Gary Numan - "Airlane" (1979)
Jim Becker and Colleen Burke - "Interkosmos Theme" (2006)
Capitol K - "Big Submarine (polaris mix)" (2000)
Third Eye Foundation - "Corpses as Bedmates" (1997)
{several minutes missing due to Technical Difficulties -- power outage at the station}
Cat Power - "Taking People" (1996)
Chris Clark - "Proper Lofi" (2001)
Chris Corsano - "the Anger of Kings" (2008)

Pavement - "Trigger Cut" (1992)
Sonic Youth - "Cross the Breeze" (1988)
Black Tambourine - "By Tomorrow" (1991)
the Aislers Set - "Alicia's Song" (1998)
the Books - "Getting the Done Job" (2002)
the Gris Gris - "Winter Weather" (2004)

Tusken Raiders - "the Other Track" (1998)
TwinSisterMoon - "Walhalla" (2009)
Washington Phillips - "Lift Him Up, That's All" (1927)
Loren MazzaCane Conners and Kath Bloom - "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" (1982)
Rothko - "Old Folk Tunes" (2001)

Hairy Butter vs Stereolab - "Brain Drain" (2000)
Irma Thomas - "It's Raining" (1962)

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