27 December 2009

ye olde tuesday night rocke show: post-blizzard beat-down edition

so after hibernating in the county all weekend during the awesome blizzard of '09, and thankfully having lots of time to assemble a fine show for you folks, i came to town for some dinner, drinks and socialization before the show.
only to be beset by 3 charlottesville toughs (if there can be said to even BE such a thing), and beaten about the face and head. youch. i think they must have hurt their hands on my classic british isles noggin, because when i got up and asked them what else i could do for them (in not exactly those words), they decided it was time to exuent.
i proceeded, lumpy and bloody, to the station, and after deciding the hospital wasn't going to be called for, went on air at 11pm as scheduled.
glad to have done my prep-work, which allowed my semi-concussed self to run through the set on a sort of auto-pilot. to good results, i hope.

happy new year to all.

the fruits of my beatdown were as follows:

children of december- the slip. eisenhower
superconnected- broken social scene. s/t/
snow angel dance- kingsbury manx. the fast rise and fall of the south
grow- le loup. family. new
saskatchewan- red box. the circle and the square. vinyl
hot night hounds- the annuals. such fun
southern point- grizzly bear. veckatimist. new
the most beautiful girl in the room- flight of the conchords. s/t/
dear olde greenland- andrew bird. the swimming hour
wade in the river- sam cooke. the rca recordings. (talkover)
work- home. netherregions.
the king- count basie. best of
right side of a good thing- the fleshtones. living legends
something- sam prekop. who's your new professor?
good, there are no lions in the street- the loud family. days for days
wormhole- guided by voices. do the collapse
song for my sugar spun sister- the stone roses. s/t/
post war- m. ward. post-war
standin'- vetiver. thing of the past
who's that lady?- the isley brothers. greatest hits
kissin' kecia- mike ladd. easy listening for armageddon
iron lemonade- black moth super rainbow. eating us
love dog- tv on the radio. dear science
so long savannah- eric bachmann. to the races. vinyl
beautiful place out in the country- boards of canada. ep
at forest edge- vetiver. tight knit
dynamite walls- hayden. scientific harmony mix
charteroak foundation- tortoise. beacons of ancestorship. new
long long day- paul simon. one trick pony. vinyl
rhinocerous- smashing pumpkins. gish
souverian- andrew bird. noble beast.

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