02 November 2009

Madame Psychosis Hour, 1-3am, Nov 2nd

Not sure what happened to Wowsville last night, but the Madame Psychosis Hour was back on the air after a week of illness. I played a bizarre set of covers / re-interpretations, one Halloween leftover, some classic Japanese noise, and even a fair amount of free-jazz, in solidarity with the recently completed marathon.

Anthony Braxton - "To Composer John Cage" (1969)
the DeZurik Sisters - "the Arizona Yodeler" (1938)
Carl Perkins - "Sure to Fall" (1956)
Beat Happening - "Ponytail" (1989)

the Dovers - "What am I Gonna Do" (1965)
Atlas Sound w Noah Lennox - "Walkabout" (2009) [NEW]
Chris Weisman and Greg Davis - "It's All Too Much" (2009)
Attempt - "Confusion is Sex" (2009)
Oneohtrix Point Never - "Heavy Water / I'd Rather Be Creeping" (2009)
Grouper - "Heavy Water / I'd Rather Be Sleeping" (2009)
Freddie Hubbard and İlhan Mimaroğlu - "Threnody for Sharon Tate / This is Combat, I Know" (1971)
Meat Beat Manifesto - "She's Unreal" (1996)

SCUM (Merzbow) - "De-Soundtrack No 1" (1989)
Government α - "Critical Condition" (1993)
Destroy All Monsters - "Vampire" (1993)
Flaherty • Corsano • Yeh - "We Have to Check Your Equipment fr Bombs" (2005)

Pharoah Sanders - "the Creator Has a Master Plan" (1969)

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