30 November 2009

Great Music on Youtube

I spend upwards of an hour each day (and this is a stingy estimate) watching You Tube videos when I should be studying, and it seems like SOME ONE ought to appreciate all my labor/and or procrastination. In an attempt to provide y'all with something to distract yourself with, here is an installment in which I round up my favorites.

Please enjoy, mmmmk?

Here's a cool Zombies tune with some Super 8 footage.

Love me some Scott Walker.

I have a huge crush on Sam Cooke.

Mother Popcorn and the Anxiety Hangover is named after this dude.

Even though I usually think Joni Mitchell looks a little Sissy Spacek-esque (see: CARRIE), she's a babe in this one.

-charlie foxtrot.


davemoore said...

been a sam cooke few days...i was listening to the rca recordings this weekend, then this post, then helvidius played 'i'm a pilgrim' today on freedonia.
can't ever get enough of sam, even if he's kind of a control freake on his musicians...

nice post, c.f.
see you next tues. perhaps.

p.s. my confirmation codeword for this post is 'bropini', which has a nice ring to it...

idkblog said...


it's like a sandwich made out of Phish fans.

it definitely has been a sam cooke kind of week, dave.