27 November 2009


So maybe we should start out by figuring out what a bowerbird is. As pictured above, it is a bird found in Australia and New Guinea also known as the catbird.
Two really unique things about the bowerbird: the males build these complex structures (the bower) to attract the females. The bowers are similar to huts with tall walls and lined with shiny objects (a lot of work invested in the search for some good lovin'). And supposedly sometimes the female just walks on by, leaving the male to sit sadly in front of his elaborate hut. The other trait this bird displays is vocal mimicry. Much more complex than the mockingbird, the bowerbird can actually imitate human voices and waterfalls. Pretty cool huh? Not exactly sure how this leads into the show tonight except the band shares the same name as this unique, somewhat unattractive but hugely creative bird.

So the Bowerbirds are Beth Tacular, Phil Moore, and Mark Paulson and they produce a unique accordion and guitar driven sound and are out touring their new album 'Upper Air'. Folk music laced with beautiful imagery, tight lyrics, and haunting sounds, which on the song 'Crooked Lust' insists "I live with the tides/ I live in reverence/ and know the days are endless, endless/ but darling you seem like you're anxious." Although comparisons can be drawn to Devendra Banhart, these musicians aren't imitators like their fellow bird. Their music is transcendent and mellow, taking you to gorgeous landscapes with sweet and sad melodies. But also laced with some sort of edge that draws you in. And makes you wonder... what is this strange bird? Come find out more tonight. The Southern at 8pm.

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