14 October 2009

streetbrow 10/13/09 what is wrong with grooving edition

got to take a second to say: what a wealth of music in this town over the last few days... drunk tigers, invisible hand, sarah white, the raquellos (and that great band that opened that i can't remember the name of), phosphorescent, gull, the great dads...whew. i will confess i was little bit hurtin' after monday night. big thanks to danny, jeyon and jacob for going the extra mile all the time to make sure we have amazing live music in this fine 'ville.

i'll be in texas for a bit, but go see dr. dog next tuesday, and stay tuned for courtney next week, and for god's sake don't forget about the wtju dance party at the teahaus halloween night...

here's the way it was:

"What Is Wrong With Gooving?" - Letta Mbulu - Wail Mix
"2 Weeks" - Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest
"Hang On" - Dr. Dog - Fate
"Groovallegiance" - Funkadelic - One Nation Under A Groove
"Out-Side" - The Beta Band - Heroes To Zeroes
"Bad Kids" - Black Lips - Fermentation Mix
"King Comforter" - The New Mastersounds - Fermentation Mix
"Hurt Feelings" - Flight Of The Conchords - I Told U I Was Freaky [New]
"The Sparrow Looks Up At The Machine" - Flaming Lips - Embryonic [New]
"Buckingham Green" - Ween - The Mollusk
"I Wouldn't Treat My Enemies The Way You Treat Yourself" - Outrageous Cherry - Universal Malcontents [New]
"Tomboy And Me" - Patrol Girl - Scientific Harmony Mix
"Overland" - Drunk Tigers - 3 Songs [New/Local]
"Caught Myself In A Coy Trap" - Invisible Hand - S/T [Local]
"Walkin'" - Phosphorescent - For Willie
"A Picture Of Our Torn Up Praise" - Phosphorescent - Pride
"Church On White" - Steve Malkmus - S/T
"While You Wait For The Others" - Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest
"About 3 Dreams" - Shudder To Think - Ten Spot
"Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?" - The Hold Steady - I'm Not There Soundtrack
"lover's lane" - Squirrel Nut Zippers - The Inevitable
"Glass Figurine" - Andrew Bird - Thrills!
"Tenuousness" - Andrew Bird - Noble Beast
"It Could Be Sunshine" - Love And Rockets - Express
"The Fast Rise And Fall Of The South" - Kingsbury Manx - The Fast Rise And Fall Of The South
"Man O War" - Eric Bachmann - To The Races [Vinyl]
"Thousand Year Power Nap" - Borrwed Beams Of Light - S/T [New/Local]
"For Emma, Forever Ago" - Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago
"Ladies Of The New Century" - Mum - Singalong To Songs You Don't Know [New]

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