18 October 2009

Radio Freedonia 10/13/09, a/k/a the last warm sunny day before all this cold cloudy rainy shit

Lots of nuggets, lots of links. Hope you enjoy.

Radio Freedonia [Playlist - 10/13/09]

  1. "Better Angels" - Califone - All My Friends Are Funeral Singers [NEW]
    coming to the Southern in charlottesville 10/26!!!
  2. "Feelin' Fine" - MV & EE - Barn Nova [NEW]
  3. "Tender Situation" - Ween - Pure Guava [1992]
  4. "Plateau" - Meat Puppets - II [1984]
  5. "You Feel" - MV & EE - Barn Nova
  6. "Quicksilver Girl" - Steve Miller Band - Love is the Song we Sing [1968]
    the most bored love song ever?
  7. "Allan's Psychedelic Breakfast" - Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother [1970]
  8. "Dance for You" - Kool Keith - Lost Masters Volume 3 [NEW]
  9. "Convinced of the Hex" - Flaming Lips - Embryonic [NEW]
  10. "Turbo Thizz Penetration" - Mochipet - Master P on Atari [2009]
  11. "Montage Minnesota" - Thes One - Lifestyle Marketing [2007]
    This album is a field day for semioticians. Someone go out and find me a semiotician...
  12. "October Country" - October Country - Single [1967]
    Gotta love the titular self-tribute. Check the link for a new Rhino boxed set on the L.A. psych scene, of which O.C. was apparently part. Who knew?
  13. "Up & Down" - The Serpent Power - s/t [1967]
    Another one-and-done San Fran psych group - check the link for another song by 'em.
  14. "Live" - The Bangles - All Over the Place [1984]
    A cover of the Merry-Go-Round classic by the pre-fame Bangles.
  15. "Erica's Word" - Game Theory - Big Shot Chronicles [1986]
    Gem from back when a jangly-yet-gloomy band fronted by a non-singer who looked like a witch in male drag could still get on MTV. EIGHTIES RULE
  16. "Tell That Girl to Shut Up" - Holly and the Italians - The Right to Be Italian [1981]
  17. "When I'm Five" - David Bowie - Love you til Tuesday [1967]
    "Where'd the Cheese Go?" selection of the week. There's a video? OMG!
  18. "London Town" - Chris Spedding - The Only Lick I Know [1972]
    Click the link for the wiki bio on the fabled session guitarist.
  19. "Rockin Around in NYC (demo)" - Marshall Crenshaw - the 9-volt Years 1979-198? [1980/1998]
  20. "Green Lights" - NRBQ - At Yankee Stadium [1978]
    Someone wrote that if Heaven has a bar, NRBQ will be the house band. Timeless, perfect rock 'n' roll. Click the link for a live version.
  21. "Long Blond Hair, Red Rose Lips" - Johnny Powers - Rockn' Bones [195?]
  22. "Spendin' Days" - Japanese Motors - The Present soundtrack [NEW]
    Who are these guys?! I played the rockin' version from the The Present soundtrack; click the link for an acoustic version shot on the roof of a tour bus in Toronto...
  23. "We're Both in Love with a SexyLady" - Flight of the Conchords - I Told You I Was Freaky [NEW]
    Another song for phenomenologists, semioticians, and twelve-year-olds.
  24. "A Right Bird" - Peter Sellers - A Celebration of Sellers
    The late great
  25. "Smithers-Jones" - The Jam - Setting Sons [1979]
    The strings-laden version of the Jam's classic snapshot of middle-class struggles in Albion.
  26. "Hold On" - John Lennon - Plastic Ono Band [1970]
    John Lennon bares gentle soul, pays tribute to Cookie Monster in this minimal masterpiece.
  27. "I Don't Feel Anything" - Dutchess and the Duke - Sunset/Sunrise [NEW]
  28. "Tension" - Vivian Girls - Everything Goes Wrong [NEW]
    Coming to the Outback Lodge October 28! Solid!
  29. "My Little Underground" - jesus & Mary Chain - Psychocandy [1985]
  30. "Boats" - Pastels/Tenniscoats - Two Sunsets [NEW]
    Two bands I'd never heard of combine forces on a slab of perfect late-summer pop. See link for more info, embedded track.
  31. "Year of Our Lord" - OSSO - Run Rabbit Run [NEW]
    A string quartet cover version of Sufjan's entire album "Enjoy Your Rabbit." Never been a general S.S. fan, but this was pretty cool. Hope they do Queens of the Stone Age's "Rated R" next.

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