06 October 2009

the Madame Psychosis Hour, 1-3am, October 5th

spent the first hour getting far-out and minimal with some classic-era electronic / experimental stuff, before dropping some contemporary prettiness (Snowbringer Cult!!!) in the second hour, and closing on a dramatic / literary note.

Terry Riley - "A Rainbow in Curved Air" (1969)
Steve Reich - "Four Organs" (1970)
Harmonia - "Veterano" (1974)
Edward M. Zajda - "Points" (1968)
Michael Adamis - "Metal Sculptures III" (1967)
Christoph de Babalon - "Opium" (1997)

Natural Snow Buildings - "Wisconson" (2006)
Natural Snow Buildings - "the Cursed Bell" (2006)
Natural Snow Buildings - "Tunneling into the Structure Until it Falls" (2006)
White Magic - "Winds" (2007)

Spiral Joy Band - "Long Shadows Beneath the Moon" (2006)
Neil Young - "Dead Man" soundtrack (1995)
William Faulkner - selections from "As I Lay Dying" (1931)
Troum - "Licht-Brandnung" (2001)

that Faulkner record continues to be a good-luck charm as a show-ender; he has the most amazing southern-gentleman voice in the world. one of these days I'm actually gonna have to read that book...

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