24 October 2009

aunt beast's radio theatre (21 oct 2009)

"Last of the Frontiersmen" - Dark Meat - When the Shelter Came [NEW]
"Tension" - The Vivian Girls - Everything Goes Wrong [NEW]
"Once the Salad Gets You" - EP
"Raise the Blinds" - The Numbers - Don't Throw Me Away [NEW]
"I Had a Girl" - Bird Names - Sings the Browns [NEW]
"Worn from the Fight (with Fireworks)" - Castanets - Texas Rose, The Thaw, & The Beasts [NEW]
"The Process" - Megafaun - Gather, Form, & Fly [NEW]
"Boardwalk Theme" - Desolation Wilderness - New Universe [NEW]
"Perdue a Paris" - Clare & The Reasons - Arrow [NEW]
"In the NA" - The Hidden Cameras - Origin: Orphan [NEW]

"Sacred Dandruff" - Gobble Gobble - Neon Graveyard [NEW]
"Mosquito" - Talk Normal - Sugarland [NEW]
"The Sum of All Evils Pt. 2" - Whales - Whales [NEW]
"Mustelmia" - Vladislav Delay - Tummaa [NEW]

and so begins the second half of the show, a loosely-Halloween themed hour of songs that're spooky, or at least provide good ideas for costumes:

"My Body's a Zombie for You" - Dead Man's Bones - Monster Club [NEW]
"Zombie Boy" - The Magnetic Fields - Distortion
"Spooks in Space" - V/A - Mutant Disco Vol. 2
"The Little Man from Mars" - Perrey & Kingsley - The Essential Perrey & Kingsley
"The Robots (Die Roboter)" - Bacalao - 8-Bit Operators: A Tribute to the Music of Kraftwerk
"Pandas!" - Secret Mommy - Babies that Hunt
"Typical Hippies" - Lucky Dragons - Dream Island Laughing Language
"Trippy Green Skull" - Dan Deacon - Spiderman of the Rings

"Somebody's Watching Me" - Rockwell
"Werewolves of London" - Warren Zevon - Excitable Boy
"Monster Mash" - Bobby "Boris" Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers
"Tuff Ghost" - The Unicorns - Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?
"Graveyard" - Chad VanGaalen - Skelliconnection
"Frankenstein Greets Alpha 7" - The Vampires of Dartmoore - Dracula's Music Cabinet

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