10 September 2009

Circadian Rhythms - Growing up in the Wake of the Beatles (tonight)

I have 12 CDs in front of me right now, and it's taken over 40 years for them to get here. Yesterday I got my hands on the Mono release of The Beatles discography, re-mastered and repackaged. I don't know if the music sounds better than if would on Vinyl. I can't tell if they did anything besides make Ringo's Toms and Paul's Bass sound louder. But I can definitively say, that this is an overwhelming serving of creativity that's going to take me months to digest.

My parents always tell me that trying to explain Beatlemania to me is like trying to explain the Grand Canyon to someone who's never seen it. Yeah, you can say they were popular. Sure, everybody bought their albums. But they entrenched themselves in pop culture much deeper than that. They're not just musical figures, they're historical figures. People are going to learn about them evolving the work of Chuck Berry in grade school the they learned about Scott Joplin and George Gershwin legitimizing jazz.

Tonight (1 am) we're going feebly attempt to celebrate the Beatles, hopefully sounding anew with the new mastering. Some favorites, some deep cuts, some deeper cuts ("Sie Lieb Dich" anyone?) Let's ignore the movies, the breakup, Phil Spector, and their new videogame tonight and just listen to these 12 CDs.

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