17 August 2009

radio wowsville 08/16/09

subbing for don; having some fun.

1. 2001 intro/that's alright- elvis presley.
live @ madison square garden. vinyl
2. i'm a wheel- wilco. a ghost is born
3. chinese translation- m.ward. post-war
4. thunder road- bonny prince billy w/tortoise. the brave and the bold
5. thunder road- the boss. born to run. vinyl
6. fortunate son- cat power. reproduction mix
7. lady madonna- booker t. and the m.g.'s. stax does the beatles
8. tell me something good- rufus. 70's soul experience
9. serpentine fire- earth wind and fire. the essential e.w.f.
10. let me be good to you- carla thomas. stax comp.
11. che guevara (guitars por revolucion)- up, bustle and out. rebel radio
12. shoot you down- the stone roses. s/t
13. rave on- m. ward. hold time
14. my cherie amour- harry j. and the all-stars. 7/7/7 mix
15. i don't want to get over you- magnetic fields. 69 love songs
16. papa was a rodeo- magnetic fields. 69 love songs
17. sweet touch of love- alan toussaint. dead sexy mix
18. compared to what- mushroom w/gary floyd. compared to what
19. here she comes- the jinkies. everest
20. win- david bowie. young americans
21. debra- beck. midnight vultures
22. gronlandic edit- of montreal. hissin fauna, are you the desroyer? req.
23. no time for time- tommy guerrero. the present soundtrack. new
24. open air dance pt. 2.- mice parade. the present soundtrack. new
25. the hair pillow- shudder to think. get your goat
26. vito's ordination song- sufjan stevens. michigan
27. the lithium stiffs- tortoise. it's all around you

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