18 August 2009

Madame Psychosis Hour, 1-3am, Mon Aug 17th

another set of looong songs this week... what can I say, it's where my attention span was at. next week's show will be right after the WTJU Dance Party, so I'll probably have a completely different set of songs I couldn't into my set then... should make for a fun change of pace. And you should come to the dance party!

Rhys Chatham
- "die Donnergötter" (1986)
Hexlove - "Caged Heat" (2009) [NEW!]
the Sea & Cake - "the Argument" (1997)
Oneida - "Folk Wisdom" [NEW!]

the Alps - "Instant Light" (2006)
Yes - "Close to the Edge" (1973)

Sunn 0))) - "Big Church" (2009) [NEW!]
Naked City - "Val de travers" (1993)

Mogwai - "Mogwai Fear Satan (My Bloody Valentine remix)" (1998)

... additionally, a clarification is due: when I said the the new Sunn 0))) record features "Atilla Csihar, the guy from Mayhem, that Norwegian Black Metal band from the 80's," I failed to note that 1) he didn't actually play in Mayhem until the early 90's, when the band re-formed following the deaths of its two main members, and 2) Atilla Csihar is actually Hungarian, and not Norwegian. Also, I still don't know how to correctly pronounce his last name.

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