29 July 2009

street brow 07/28/09

"the playlist that cured cancer"

...or so postulates our intrepid researcher/listener in houston, tx. i'm sure our faithful correspondent will keep us apprised vis a vis: the relative healing properties of listening to wtju.

thanks for the online love, the calls, the requests- this was a fun show, starting with:

1. crazy train- unknown marching band. old school scott p. mix
2. exactly where i'm at- ween. the white pepper
3. reefer man- cab calloway. best of big bands
4. faerie dance- plants and animals. parc avenue
5. feedback in the fields- plants and animals. parc avenue
6. spendin' days- japanese motors. the present soundtrack. new
7. american beat '84- the fleshtones. living legends
8. party at the end of the world- borrowed beams of light. s/t/. new
9. race for the prize- the flaming lips. the soft bulletin
10. dragons awake- guided by voices. do the collapse
11. i turn my camera on- spoon. gimme fiction. by request
12. good and formulaic- s.e.p. 45's on 33.
13. wildbird greyhound cipher- s.e.p. all that glitters ain't gold
14. got nuffin- spoon. got nuffin ep. new
15. international colouring contest- sterolab. mars audiac quintet
16. the picture of agreeability- game theory. 2 steps from the middle ages
17. september gurls- big star. radio city
18. meet me in the garden- dent may. the good feeling sounds of dent may
19. rain bird- love and rockets. earth, sun, moon
20. only shallow- my bloody valentine. loveless
21. summer soft- stevie wonder. songs in the key of life
22. smells like content- the books. lost and safe
23. else- built to spill. keep it like a secret. psuedo- request
24. joppa road- ween. chocolate and cheese
25. la vie- silent poets feat. menelik. groovin' high comp.
26. i got blisters on my fingers- bundy k. brown/mushroom. compared to what

let the healing begin...


rubes said...

he'll trade you dimes for nickels and he calls watermelon pickles...

ah yeah! at the very least, this playlist helps glaucoma.

davemoore said...

ha. at the very least.

your man helvidius did the funniest thing this week while you were canucking around...